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Top Attractions in Negril Every First-Time Visitor Should Know About

Negril, a laid-back town west of Jamaica, is world-renown for its uninterrupted miles-long white-sand beaches with pale, calm waters in shallow bays. Negril, short for Negrillo, means “Little black ones” in Spanish. This town welcomes its visitors with lots of places to visit and activities to participate in. Here are several attractions in Negril that every first-time visitor should know about. 1. Negril Beach The Negril Beach stretches from Bloody Bay in the northern part to Negril … [Read more...]

Arlington, Virginia’s Top 4 Basecamps for Hikers

Arlington, Virginia has a lot more to offer than government buildings! With miles of trails and parks scattered across northern Virginia, travelers looking to get away from the urban jungle of D.C. have a variety of trekking options. We found four places in and around Arlington to discover! 1. Potomac Overlook Regional Park – Key Bridge Marriott A great option for families, Potomac Overlook Regional Park boasts well-maintained trails, averaging 2 miles each, known for their pleasant woodland … [Read more...]

Food Tourism Experiences in Nice

The capital of the French Riviera, Nice is renowned for beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine and a touch of opulence. Nice has a great gastronomic scene too, taking full advantage of the Mediterranean climate and an abundance of local food. Look for these foodie experiences while visiting: Taste Socca One of the classic tastes of Nice is socca, a chick-pea snack made like a crepe. This delicious offering is typical of the street food in the area. Rue Bavastro is close to several cheap hotels … [Read more...]

5 Crazy Foods and Where to Find Them in Tokyo

Tokyo is a bustling city home to high-tech culture and ancient temples; Tokyo hotels get you closer to the action. While your itinerary may include centuries-old structures and state-of-the-art museum exhibits, there is nothing quite as interesting as the off-the-wall cuisine the city has to offer. Here are five of the craziest foods in Tokyo and where they can be found. 1. Salamander Have you ever looked at salamanders and wondered what the tiny lizards might taste like? Asadachi lets you … [Read more...]

4 Great Lobster Rolls in New England

Ask four people where to find the best lobster roll in New England and you’ll probably get four different answers. Seems simple enough: lobster meat in a hot dog bun. True lobster lovers know it’s not that easy. Here are four suggestions to get your lobster mojo going. Brown’s Lobster Pound Perched over a marsh at the southern-most point of New Hampshire’s 13 miles of Atlantic coastline is Brown’s Lobster Pound. This family-owned restaurant on Highway 286 has been around for 65 years, and it … [Read more...]

Eat Like a Local: The Best Seafood Restaurants in San Diego

San Diego has fantastic restaurants of all types, but it's a real treasure trove for seafood lovers. From fish tacos to sushi to fish and chips, America's Finest City has exactly what it takes to scratch that itch when you're hungry for the catch of the day. Like any great culinary city, though, San Diego has a short list of places that locals swear by. There are all the good seafood chain restaurants, including Truluck's, which is among the best, but while you're staying at one of the hotels in … [Read more...]

Article – 5 Ways To Enjoy All-Inclusive Luxury Travel At A Rock Bottom Price

Pick a favorite tropical destination, and you’ll likely find all-inclusive options that focus on the fun without compromising on variety. A close look at a resort’s fine print can shave hundreds off an itinerary — without losing that luxury travel feel. Here are five tips to make your all-inclusive experience as memorable as it is affordable. 1. Look for package deals Package offers (an all-inclusive favorite) can save hundreds by booking flights and hotel nights at the same time. For … [Read more...]

Day Trip DFW – Ham Orchard (Terrell, TX)

My husband’s work schedule has loosened up a little, so he’s been able to actually get his days off more often than not lately. We don’t get to do a lot as a family usually and since this is the last summer before our daughter starts school, we wanted to take advantage of being able to get away and do a little something…even if it’s just for a day. The Dallas/Fort Worth area has tons of activities and attractions to keep everyone busy for the summer, or any other time of the year. While you … [Read more...]

Product Review — Yesterland Farm

I got the chance to take my family out to Yesterland Farm over the weekend.  US Family Guide provided 4 free tickets.  Yesterland Farm is open September through November, and is currently running is Fall Festival.  There rides for kids, a corn maze, corn & pumpkin cannons, pig races & more.  We had never been before, and were excited for the chance to go. The weather wasn’t exactly the best due to a massive line of storms…which had already forced the Rangers game to move up to a 11 am … [Read more...]

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