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5 Crazy Foods and Where to Find Them in Tokyo

squaremelonTokyo is a bustling city home to high-tech culture and ancient temples; Tokyo hotels get you closer to the action. While your itinerary may include centuries-old structures and state-of-the-art museum exhibits, there is nothing quite as interesting as the off-the-wall cuisine the city has to offer. Here are five of the craziest foods in Tokyo and where they can be found.

1. Salamander

Have you ever looked at salamanders and wondered what the tiny lizards might taste like? Asadachi lets you find out. Grilled salamander is just one of the unique foods that patrons can sample. Other out-there options include raw pig testicles and cow heart.

2. Square Watermelon

When you think about unusual foods in Tokyo, square watermelon might come to mind. They obtain their unique shape from being placed in a box when they begin to grow. Square watermelons can be purchased for over $200 each at Sembikiya, a fruit boutique that features high-quality, unique offerings for a premium price.

3. Matsutake Mushrooms

Rare matsutake mushrooms can be found in Tokyo, but expect to pay a premium. The scarcity of this fungus drives up the price tag. It is not unusual to pay upwards of $1,000 per pound of matsutake, and farmers’ attempts to lower prices by increasing yield have proven fruitless. KYO-AJI is a restaurant that lets patrons order a roasted version of the coveted mushroom, but be aware that reservations are hard to obtain.

4. Horse Sashimi

Horse may not be on the menu in much of the western world, but Tokyo chefs serve it up as a sort of sashimi dipped into a garlic sauce. Raw horse meat is not difficult to find in the city, but be sure to find a high-rated restaurant to ensure quality and safety. Nakae serves it up in delicious dishes.

5. Tuna Head

If you’re a fan of fish and up for a road trip while visiting Tokyo, check out the 20-pound tuna head available at Kurobatei in Miura, located about one and a half hours outside of Tokyo. The entire head is roasted in the oven and served whole on a platter.

Unusual foods are abundant in Tokyo, and the most adventurous travelers have the opportunity to try out everything from cow heart to fried octopus balls. Get a unique vantage point of the city by staying at first-rate hotels including five-star Conrad Tokyo Hotel and the elegant Akihabara Washington Hotel.

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