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Product Review — Dakwak Translation Service

Last week, I was invited to try out Dakwak Website Translation Service.  Dakwak allows you to translate your site into 60 languages so that you will be able to connect easier to a worldwide audience.  They have several monthly plans, ranging from free to Unlimited ($500 per month).  When your pages are translated, they are stored under temporary domains or can be saved on your domain (premium subscriptions). Signing up is fairly easy.  You enter in your info, site URL & pick out your … [Read more...]

National Consumer Panel — Ripoff!

Several years ago, I signed up for National Consumer Panel.  NCP sends you a scanner and you scan all your purchases each week for a set number of points.  I have one of the older scanners that you held up to the phone to transmit and manually enter the prices.  The points can be redeemed for various items and gift cards.  They also have quarterly & yearly giveaways as well that you get entered into as long as you scan each week. For the first year and a half, I didn’t have any problems.  … [Read more...]

Product Review — PrivateIslandParty.com

  Last month, I was asked to take a look at PrivateIslandParty.com & pick out a few accessories to try out.  The site offers an assortment of party supplies, novelty items, and accessories.  Many of the items are available in bulk, like hats, wigs & capes.  After looking through everything, I picked out a black cape, fishnet gloves, and a child’s superhero cape. After placing my order with the site rep, she called me to let me know that the superhero cape was out of stock and that … [Read more...]

Product Review — BuyCostumes.com

A few weeks back, I was asked to check out BuyCostumes.com & pick out a costume.  BuyCostumes.com has a large variety costumes all year long, as well as tons of accessories.  They also carry party supplies & pet costumes too.  Since I had already picked out a Halloween costume already, I let my husband look through and see what he liked. The site is very easy to navigate & you can easily search by costume type, gender, size, price & more.  They also have sections of related … [Read more...]

Product Review – 16×20 Printcopia Canvas

A few weeks back, I was asked to once again review Printcopia.  Printcopia let’s you make prints, canvases, framed photos & acrylic prints of your photos.  Last time, I got an 8x10 canvas.  This time around, I got to get a 16x20 canvas. After a few days of debate, I decided to get one of my photos from Rockport printed.  I went with one of a pelican sitting on a fishing boat.  As like the last time, it only took a few minutes to upload and adjust the picture how I wanted it.  I forwent … [Read more...]

Product Review — DreamHost (Part 2)

So, the past few weeks have been a bit hectic due to the blog transfer…especially with working on getting the hang of Wordpress and figuring out what plugins I need.  Now that everything is settled, I can finish my DreamHost review. Since I am a novice at all the transferring stuff, I had Jacqui from Wacky Jacqui’s Designs do my transfer.  She is a Wordpress master!  DreamHost operates mainly on FTP, so it only took her about a day to get everything transferred over.  I got in there & … [Read more...]

Peelstar Review & Giveaway [ENDED]

I was recently asked to try out PeelStar.  PeelStar lets you create custom decals and magnets of your children’s sports jerseys.  The decals can be placed in school lockers or bedrooms, & the magnets can go on cars or anything else metal.  My daughter is still a little young to play sports yet, but she is a huge football fan.  We are proud members of the Raven’s Nation, so I decided to make her a purple jersey with her name one it. The site takes you right into the creator app and you can … [Read more...]

Product Review – Signazon.com

About three weeks ago, I was invited to try out Signazon.com. Signazon is based in Dallas and lets you design your own custom banners, signs, car magnets & more. You can use customizable templates or use their builder to create your own. I had the option of creating a 2’ x 4’ foot vinyl banner. Many of you may know that aside from writing this blog, I also do graphic design & photography. I’ve designed several book covers for authors and I also create & sell stock images. I jumped … [Read more...]

Product Review – Card.com

Several weeks back, I was contacted by Card.com and asked to try out their pre-paid debit cards. You can pick from thousands of card images, and also easily direct deposit your paychecks on the cards or like it to your PayPal account.After quickly verifying my information, I picked out a Walking Dead graphic for my card. I received it in a few days. The Card.com rep had it pre-loaded with $25 that I could use anywhere. I ended up using the card to get the ‘Shallow Gravy’ t-shirt offered by … [Read more...]

Product Review – I See Me Books

While I was on vacation, I was asked to check out I See Me. I See Me offers a variety of books that you can personalize for your children. They also offer other personalized items like placements & coloring books. I picked out the Royal Birthday Adventure for my daughter.Once you pick out your book, there is a whole list of this that you can personalize it with. You add in your child’s name, and then you can add in their birthday & create a dedication on the first page. For this book, you … [Read more...]

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