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Review – Stella: The Time Machine Journey

Stella showYesterday, I was invited to a blogger event for Stella – The Time Machine Journey at PY1 in Arlington, TX. This unique laser light show is fun for the entire family, and is designed to get the audience participating. Move and dance with the music as you travel though time to see the birth of the universe and Planet Earth.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when we first got there. We were treated to a wonderful brunch buffet and got to meet the show’s created. There were a lot of little kids in attendance, including my own daughter, and they were all eager to see the show. The premise of the show is pretty simple. Stella is the AI/ship and depend on the audience participation to travel through time. There are three operators the interact with the crowd and dance. The pyramid doesn’t look to big from the outside, but is pretty spacious inside. There are seats around the sides, but the bulk of the seating was on the floor around a meteor/rock. We sat on some little bean bag things and waited for the show to start.

The show itself was really fun. All of the kids were participating, and even most of the adults. At one point everyone had to clap, and then later everyone had to get up and dance. The visuals were pretty neat and it was hard to know where to look. Visual graphics were displayed on the walls and there were lots of laser effects. The operators were also really neat. They moved almost like contortionists. I took and lot of photos and videos. I’m having trouble uploading photos here, so the majority of them with be on the Facebook and Instagram pages.

The entire show took about an hour and my daughter loved it. I definitely recommend going. General admission tickets are $23. You can save 23% OFF by using promo code 23ST1. PY1 also has another show, Through the Echos, that is for ages 12 and up. The show is only in town until Feb 1, so be sure to see it before it’s gone.

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