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Buyers Recommend: 6 Most Popular Hearing Aid Brands to Take Note Of

To ensure that you can live a normal life, enjoying every moment with your family and friends, it helps to have a functional hearing. While there are many brands available, some stand out from the others in terms of range of offerings, quality, and customer reviews. To get you started in your research, consider these popular hearing aid brands.


You will find plenty of quality hearing devices from Miracle-Ear, which is among the most popular brands and for good reason. There are multiple styles of hearing aids available from Miracle-Ear, making it possible to find the right one regardless of the cause or severity of your hearing loss. There are even custom-fit hearing aids and Miracle-Ear uses GENIUS 3.0 Technology that has additional processing power and is 100% rechargeable.


Oticon is a hearing company that was founded in 1904 in Denmark. The founder, Hans Demant, wanted to assist Camilla, his wife, who dealt with a hearing impairment. Hans Demant’s son, William Demant, later took the company and William Demant Holding Group continues to own Oticon. Some high points of Oticon are the development of the first digital hearing instrument. The company focuses on personalizing hearing aid fit for users with their BrainHearing technology.


Phonak has the slogan and mission of “life is on.” Based on this mission, they want those with hearing loss to live without any limits, communicate with others confidently, and interact freely. The company was founded in Zurich in 1947 and Sonova Holding AG Company owns them. They are a leader when it comes to hearing solutions designed for kids, including the Roger Pen and in-classroom radio FM technology.


ReSound is popular thanks to its long history as the company was founded back in 1943. Its headquarters are located in Denmark. ReSound created a new system for processing sound using wide dynamic range compression. Additionally, this brand is credited with the introduction of open-fit hearing devices, one of the popular styles that many people with hearing loss choose to use today. They continue to innovative, being one of two companies to be the first to release a hearing device made for the iPhone.


Signia used to be Siemens and is now a Sivantos brand. Werner von Siemens founded Siemens in 1878 founding his development of a phone for those with hearing loss that would help them understand conversations while on the phone. Siemens was also responsible for the development of the first behind-the-ear hearing device. They also released the first digital hearing aid that had two microphones, the very first wireless hearing aid, and the first waterproof digital hearing aid.


Starkey was founded in 1967 by William F. Austin and they have a history of being philanthropic. Following each purchase of a hearing aid, Starkey donates to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which they have used to give away more than a million hearing aids around the world. They are located in Minnesota and are more than happy to help you find the right hearing aid to suit your needs.


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