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Product Review – EarlySense LIVE

Last week, I was sent an EarlySense LIVE to try out and review. EarlySense LIVE is a device that goes under your mattress to track your sleep. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone and syncs to the LIVE app. The device tracks your heartbeat, breathing, stress levels, and more.

EarlySense LIVEI’ve suffered from insomnia for years and have to take prescription sleeping pills every night in order to sleep. The past few years I have been using a wrist tracker to see how long I sleep so that I can track how well my current dosage of pills is working. The trouble with the wrist tracker is that it does not go very in depth, it has be by charged every few days, and it can be very difficult to get it to connect to my phone at times.

EarlySense fixes these issues. It stays plugged into a wall outlet, and has plenty of cord to reach any spot under your mattress. As mentioned earlier, it tracks a plethora of details and then uses all of that data to score your sleep. You can view any day to see how well you did. It also connects to you phone once it senses your weight on the bed and you phone is plugged in to charge for the night.

Setup is pretty easy. You plug the device in and put in under your mattress. It needs to be just at the bottom of where your pillow is. You can then download the app from the Apple or Goggle store and sync your device. Then all you need to do is create your profile. It asked me for age, weight, and other info like that. It probably took less than 10 minutes total.

I have been using it for a little over a week now and I am really surprised at some of the feedback I’ve gotten. Until now, I had not realized that I had been waking up as many times as I have been during the night. It seems to be an average of at least 3 times a night. But I go right back to sleep again and don’t remember waking up at all. I can also see how much deep sleep and REM I’m getting too. I’m hoping that those will improve over time.  You can check out a few screenshots from my phone below:

EarlySense LIVE App EarlySense LIVE App

Overall, this is a really great device. It gives you a wealth of data so that you can see how you are sleeping. It’s a great tool for anyone that needs to track their sleep. It is available on EarlySense website for $199 (+ shipping).

I received the above mentioned product for free for a review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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