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Product Review – LITEBOX Pro-240

Two weeks ago, I was asked to try out the LITEBOX Pro-240 light box kit.  The light box kit comes with everything you need to take profession grad photos of objects.  It includes two CRI 90+ LED dimmable light bars, 4 background sweeps, a tripod for a cell phone, and a carry case.  The light box itself is 24x24x24 inches.

LITEBOX Pro-240I do a lot of stock photography for my covers, and have cobbled together an assortment of light boxes of the years…some of them decent and most of them not.  I was extremely excited about getting the opportunity to review this.  My hope was that I can eventually start selling better quality stock images.  There is a lot to this box, so I’m going to do this review a little differently and do bullet points.  It’s the only way I can fully cover this item.  Let’s start with the pros, which there are a lot of:

  • LED Light bars –
    • these two light bars give you a full range of light, from regular table lamp brightness (2700K) to full spectrum (5000K)
    • they are dimmable down to around 10% or so
    • the brackets are adjustable so you are able to modify the beam angle some as needed
  • Versatile
    • It’s large size allows you to use it for a wide range of objects
    • You can also break it down and pack it up for storage or to use on the go
  • Lightweight
    • you can pick it up and move it around the room as needed, as long as you are careful
  • Backdrops
    • are waterproof PVC
    • comes with red, white, blue and black
  • Photography Openings
    • Door
      • Velcro’s on
      • Can be open to use mini-tripod w/ cell phone or you can put a regular came through a smaller round opening
    • Top
      • Can be used for either photography or to run LED wires out of

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Click the images to see full size; door is not attached in these images

However, for all these good points, there are also a few very important cons.  A few of these really outweigh the good points:

  • Assembly
    • Very poor assembly instructions
    • This takes at least two people to put together due to how difficult it was to get the covering over the frame
      • Took over 30 minutes
    • You need a very large space to put it together; may not be very travel friendly depending on where you are taking it
    • Instructions do not say where/how to put in the backdrops
      • I finally figure out each end goes in the overlapping fabric slots, however they do not stay in very securely
  • Quality
    • The support bars and plastic connector pieces that make up the frame are a little flimsy and do not fit together easily
      • I had to tap them all together with a rubber mallet
      • I am very leery of repeated assemblage; this may work better to leave it be once it’s together, if you have a space large enough to keep it
  • Lights and Diffuser
    • The diffuser is of very poor quality and has to be put in place while building the frame (instructions on clear on this)
      • Does not reduce the glare when photography metallic objects
    • Light bars are fragile and do not come with anything to help pad them
  • Price
    • Very expensive
      • cannot expresses that enough

It’s a hard call to make.  I like it and it’s a nice box, but it such a pain to put together and so large that I just don’t see myself messing with it too much right now.

Overall, it come comes down to two things:  how are you going to use it and how much are you will to spend on a light box.  This is definitely not something you want if you need a portable light box or are not planning on leaving it put together.  The risk of one of the polls or connector breaking is too high, and I’m not sure if they have replacement parts.  It’s also very pricey, $199 (+ shipping) on Amazon, and I personally don’t see spending the money if you aren’t going to leave it together all the time.  Even then, I’m not sure I would spend the money on it.

I received the above mentioned product for a discount for a review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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