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Product Review – Silicone Muffin Pan

Last week, I was sent a silicone muffin pan from Bear Bakeware to try out and review.  The pan in nonstick, so the muffins will easily come out when they are done.  It’s heat resistant up to 450 degrees, and makes 12 regular sized muffins.

Silicone Muffin PanI have a similar silicone pan for jumbo muffins that I wore out.  I’ve noticed lately that the majority of the muffin mixes no longer have the recipes for jumbo muffins, so I’ve haven’t bothered to replace it.  I was very excited to get this pan since I’ve never tried a silicone pan from regular sized muffin before.

You use the pan like you would any other; however you really don’t have to grease it with anything.  Now, I do put a light spray of spray butter right on the bottom to ensure that nothing sticks.  I have had that happen in the past with my other pan.  You have to make sure that you don’t get any on the side or the batter won’t be able to rise well because it will have nothing to stick to.  I made a batch of blueberry muffins, and they came out perfectly.  They cooked evenly and popped right out of the pan.

The pan also passes the silicone test.  The test helps determine if it’s 100% food grade silicone.  To do it, you simply pinch and twist a small section.  If you see any while, that means it has plastic in it.  If it retains it’s color, then its pure.  The silicone on this pan is thick and does not loose it’s color.

Overall, it’s a very nice pan and I highly recommend getting it.  The muffins came right out and cooked well.  The pan is available on Amazon for $15.99 (+ shipping).

I received the above mentioned product for free for a review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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