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Product Review – eReading LED Desk Lamp from BenQ

Last week, I was sent an eReading LED Desk Lamp from BenQ to try out and review.  The lamp is curved, offing 90cm of coverage, giving 150% more light coverage than other lamps.  It has a touch sensitive control ring, adjustable brightness, ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness, and is flexible so you can adjust it as needed.

LED Desk LampWe recently moved, and the area where I now have my desk & computer at doesn’t get much light.  I no longer have my big pole light or a regular desk light, so it makes it really hard to see any detail when working on my design commissions.  I wasn’t sure how well this desk lamp would work.  I was primarily worried about the light giving me migraines and if it would glare off the screen or affect how the screen looked.  I also didn’t pay much attention to the size, so I was expecting something small.  I was shocked when the UPS guy showed up with a giant box.

The lamp itself is a pretty good size & it has a very heavy base.  It locked into place with a screw, so you definitely want to pick the lamp up by the base so that it doesn’t come off.  You could easily break a toe if it lands on your foot.  The lamp is fully adjustable, so it can be positioned however you need it.  The light itself is curved, and is bright.  It’s easy to adjust the brightness so I don’t have to worry about it bothering my head.  It also lights up my screen perfectly.  I had not truly realized how dark my work area was, even at my old house.  When the desk lamp is on, it looks like the sun is right on my desk.

Overall, this is an impressive light.  It’s bright and doesn’t glare on the computer screen.  It’s available on Amazon for $249 (+ shipping), and is well worth the price.

I received the above mentioned product for free for a review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I have this one too, and that shock when you see the huge box – I can totally relate! The box itself was almost as big as my table!

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