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Product Review – Tibetan Meditation Bowl

Tibetan Singing BowlA few weeks ago, I was asked to try out a Tibetan Meditation Bowl from Geshe’s Dharma. The bowl is hand painted and comes with a leather cushion & wooden mallet. It has a diameter of 4 inches and is perfect for beginners.

I’ve seen larger versions of these in one of the stores at the mall, and have always wanted one. This one is beautifully decorated and has gotten a lot of comments since I set it out on my mantel. It’s fairly simple to use. I leave mine sitting on the cushion and either hold it on my fingertips or set it down on something. You think strike the edge of the bowl with the mallet. You will get a deep ringing sound. You can then gently run the mallet around the rim to increase the tone and draw it out. It’s took me a bit to get it down. You can check out my video review below to see 7 hear how it sounds:

I enjoy spending a few minutes a day using it. I find it very relaxing & soothing.

Overall, I really like it. It would make a great gift. In fact, it comes in a very nice gift box. The bowl is available on Amazon for $19.99 (+ shipping).

I received the above mentioned product for free for a review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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