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Product Review – Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System

Easy Wring Spin Mop & Bucket System A few weeks ago, I was sent an easy Wring Spin mop & Bucket System from Ohuhu to test out and review. The bucket has a foot peddle operated dryer for the mop head and a drain plug. The mop pole is stainless steel and adjustable, & the mop head spins a full 360 degrees. It also comes with an extra replacement mop head.

A family member has a similar bucket, and I thought it was pretty neat. My daughter really wanted me to get one since it was easy for her to use. Why a 5 year old wants to mop the floor is beyond me, but she was super excited when this mop arrived at the doorstep. She actually put the mop together herself while I got the bucket out of the box.

The buck is very big, and can easily hold a few gallons of water. It has a sturdy handle so I was able to easily lift it and move it around. The foot peddle moves easily, though my daughter had a little difficulty pressing it down at first. For the spinner, the mop head snaps into it and then spins as you press the peddle. It sometimes takes a little juggling to get it on there though.

I found that the spinner got the mop dry, but still moist enough to clean the floor with. There wasn’t any excess water, let my floor dry quickly. The buck was also easy to empty with the drain plug. However, the only major issue I ran into was that the drain plug leaks if I have a lot of water in the bucket. I couldn’t tell if the water was coming out from the plug cap or if it was coming through the plug seal. I tried only filling it to the bottom of the plug, and while it didn’t leak, it doesn’t leave a lot of water to mop with. I ended up wetting the mop in the sink and using the bucket the wring out the extra water.

Overall, it’s not a bad mop system & it’s very easy and quick to use. My bucket does leak though, making it a bit of a pain to use until I can tell where the leak if coming from. The bucket is available on Amazon for $49.99.

I received the above mentioned product for free to help facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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