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Product Review – All Natural Shoe Odor Eliminator

odoreliminatorA few weeks ago, I was asked to try out the All Natural Shoe Odor Eliminator from Amare Terra. It’s made from all natural ingredients & has a lemon mint scent. The company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you’ll get your money back. They also donate 9% of each purchase to build clean water wells.

I’ll admit that my tennis shoes stink, especially after running around in them all day in the Texas heat. I used to use odor fighting powder & insoles, but gave up in them long ago because they never really worked. I was curious about the spray to see if it worked, but I didn’t really expect it to. However, I was pretty surprised at the results.

I just got a new pair of shoes, so I decided to test the spray out on my old pair. I used two sprays in each shoe: one aimed down into the toe end & one aimed at the heal end. You can smell the lemon and mint right away, and it’s very pleasant while not being overpowering. It definitely covered the smell, but I did notice that after a while the stinky smell kind of starts coming back just a little. With as old as the shoes are, it doesn’t surprise me. They were pretty smelly. I found it works best to make sure that you spray them regularly after each time you wear them.

With my new shoes, the spray immediately got rid of the new shoe smell. I’ve only had them a few days, but the spray has really help keep them from being really stinky already. The insoles have memory foam…which, while very comfortable, makes my feet sweat more than normal. So far, they still have a slight hint of the new shoe smell, but overall have a nice lemon mint smell.

Overall, the spray seems to work pretty well. It gets rid of the stink, and will regular use it will keep it away. Each bottle has over 500 sprays, so it should last a good while. The cost of one bottle is currently $6.85 (on sale; regularly $12.05), and you will get free shipping on order $35 or more. You can get more information and order at the Amare Terra website.

I received the above mentioned product for free to help facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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