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Product Review – Super Bright LED Rim Lights

20150608_234708A few weeks back, I was sent a pack of Super Bright LED Rim Lights to try out and review. The pack includes 3 pairs of lights, batteries, and tire valve attachment thing. Each pair of lights is a different color. There are two green, two blue, and two multi-colors. They are good for cars and motorcycles. They are also good for helping bicycles be more visible at dusk/night.

The lights arrived in a small ziplock pouch with a small insert. The insert didn’t really have instructions about the lights, just a pic of where the batteries. The batteries are already inserted into the lights, but you have to take it apart to remove the paper block so that they work. I had a hard time getting a few of them unscrewed and almost had to use pliers. I also noticed that they are plastic, though they look metal at first glance. I don’t know how well they would stand up to continuous use. One of the green lights didn’t work at all & the other had a crack in it, but the others all worked fine.

Where we live, you cannot have flashing lights on vehicles, so we can’t put them on our cars. We can use them on our bikes though. Due to the weather, we haven’t had much of a chance to really test them out a lot, but they do work. They are fairly bright and do draw attention. However, you can’t really turn them off without completely unscrewing them, so I’m not too sure how long the batteries will last. Also, I wouldn’t really consider them a proper safety measure for your bike. You can see them easily from the side, but not from the front or back. I would say they are more of a novelty item than anything. You would be much safer with a reflective vest and/or handlebar light.

Overall, they aren’t bad but I wouldn’t rely on them alone for nighttime visibility. They are more of a novelty item. I’ll so a follow-up review once the weather gets a bit better so that I can see how well they hold up to heavy use. The pack is available on Amazon for $13.95 (+ shipping).

I received the above mentioned product for free to help facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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