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Guest Article – 5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Amsterdam

photo credit: P4300044 via photopin (license)

photo credit: P4300044 via photopin (license)

Amsterdam is a popular destination among many due to its bars and delicacies. However, the city is rife with an eclectic collection of entertainment and elegance that many may not be aware of. The city has a look and feel that is unique and those that have visited constantly praise how they would love to return. What gives this city such an allure for vacationers of all kinds?

The Canal Network

Amsterdam is built with more than one hundred kilometers of canals. This intricate network spreads throughout the city with more than 90 islands within its borders. Akin to Venice, boats are often seen traversing the canals as tourists and residents make their way across the city. The three main canals are more than 300 years old.

Affordable Lodging

Some may believe that a popular area such as Amsterdam would have expensive places to stay. However, it’s very easy to find cheap hotels in Amsterdam; all of these places support excellent reviews from previous patrons. From extravagant to simplistic, lodging is affordable in this water wonderland.

Flea Markets

Amsterdam is full of multi-ethnic markets where virtually anyone can find great deals on various goods. Places such as the Albert Cuypmarkt encompases a large area for general goods. The Dutch culture can be easily observed in a location such as this allowing anyone to witness the diversity of the people living in the city.

Exquisite Restaurants A-Plenty

The city provides a diverse pallet of foods, but it’s more famous for its Indonesian integrations with cuisine. After the great wars, Amsterdam welcomed Indonesian immigrants and have since intermingled delicacies in order to create a fine dining experience. Although the city is coveted for its beer, the cuisine may be an equal match.

The Anne Frank Museum

One of the most well-known people of World War II, visitors can learn the history of the tragedy of the Jewish community while visiting the museum of Anne Frank. Visitors can see for themselves the living conditions the young girl and her family lived in for two years during the Nazi oppression.

As with many cities in Europe, Amsterdam has a long history as seen in many of its buildings and artwork. Whether you’re visiting in the summer or in winter, there are many things to do in this amazing canal-rich location. From modern art galleries to museums featuring some of the most pivotal moments in history, Amsterdam has a lot to offer the solitary traveler or the vacationing family.

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