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So…Daily Posts, Eh?

Okay, I’m not doing so hot at the daily posts.  I’m trying.  My days just aren’t interesting enough to write about all the time.  In fact, the most interesting thing that has happened this week so far is that neighbors kids (the ones who used to pee on the side of the house) crank called Domino’s, ordered about $40 worth of pizza & put our address down.  The delivery lady was not happy at all.  I felt bad, but was not about to pay for it.  You’d think they would have outgrow this kind of stuff by now.  They are seniors in high school…although one of them knocked up his girlfriend so we get treated to their domestics out in the yard from time to time.

Anyway, I’m going to try to come up with stuff.  Maybe cover our hilarious attempts to potty train out daughter, which I don’t think I mentioned at all during that time almost two years ago.  I do know I will have stuff for tomorrow..or actually later today since it is after 1 am for me.

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