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Solomon’s Whisper by Sandra Bannan Review

Solomon's WhisperSolomon’s Whisper by Sandra Bannan is the 5th novel in the Liv Bergen series. Grappling with the guilt of her family’s danger the previous Christmas, Liv is questioning her decision of joining the FBI. In an effort to get her to decide to stay, Steeter gives her a cold case to work: the kidnapping and murder of her ten-year-old niece Brianna. As she works deeper into the case, she discovers not only a string of murders, but a conspiracy that causes her to question everyone around her, and if revealed, will change everything.

It has been well over a month since I finished this book, and I’m still floored. It’s really hard to be able to properly discuss this book without there being any spoilers, much like my interview yesterday. So if you haven’t read it yet & don’t want plot stuff spoiled, stop at the end of this paragraph. The plot is solid and the end is explosive. I really didn’t see it coming. If you haven’t read it yet, go get it.

A lot happened in this book, and it’s hard to pick out where to start. I think I will start with Jack. In the last book, we start to question his past & what he’s been up to. I personally figured that he was a ‘Dexter’, someone taking out the bad guys who slipped thought the cracks. I’ve found that I was partially right in my assumption. The bad guys were being taken out, but by a secret group with members in all areas of law enforcement. Jack was involved, but at this point we don’t know much. His involvement is completely understandable, what with wanting to find his son’s murderer. Unfortunately, we may never know the full extent of his involvement. I do still think that he killed Fletcher at the end of the last book, but other than that, I don’t think he killed anyone else directly.

Another character that we learn about is Jenna Tate. She’s always rubbed me wrong since her introduction, but never in a million years would I have seen her true character coming. She was secretly a lead of BOLO (the name of the secret organization), and pretty much spent her free time offing criminals ‘vigilante style’. Now, I’m the first to admit that she was pretty tough & I do feel for her due to her back story. But…it’s a slippery moral slope here for both her and Jack. I wouldn’t say that she necessarily deserved what she got at the end of the book, but I’m not overly broken up about it. Jack on the other hand, I do feel bad about.

During the book, Streeter finally comes to terms with his feelings for Liv. However, I don’t think that either one of them are in any place at the moment to broach the subject of romance anytime soon. As for Liv…she ended up in a bad place emotionally. She is a strong lady thought, and I look forward to seeing her pull through in the next book. And maybe we will see a little Liv/Streeter action too.

Overall, this is a must read for all Liv Bergen fans. It’s a definitely turning point for the series and I can’t wait to see what it goes. The book is available in ebook format on Amazon, and you can also keep up with Mrs. Brannan on her website.


I received a free copy of the book to help facilitate my review.

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  1. Thank you so much, Angela. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed SOLOMON’S WHISPER so much! I really wanted this novel to be a turning point for my fans, so I am so excited you picked up on that. Appreciate your review and taking the time to read another Liv Bergen mystery. Grateful to you!

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