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EatSmart Precision Pro Food Thermometer Review

eatsmartpprotLast week, I was sent an EatSmart Precision Pro Food Thermometer to review. EatSmart carries a wide range of kitchen & households scales, as well as other kitchen gadgets. The Precision Pro Food Thermometer is designed to be easy to use & durable. It reads temperatures in 5 seconds or less, giving it a rapid response time. It’s also splash proof.

I’ve reviewed one of their scales in the past, so I was looking forward to testing out this thermometer. I have a corded meat thermometer that’s great if you are going to leave it in the oven, but it takes a long time to get a reading if I’m checking something really quick. With the Precision Pro, I can jab it in and get the time in a few seconds. It allows you to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and has the cook to temperatures on the cap so that you’ll know if your meat is done.

I’ve used it several times already and it saves a lot of time when compared to my old food thermometer. I really like that it has the cap so that I can toss it into my utensil drawer and not worry that I’m going to get stuck by it. I’ve also used it to verify the temps on my candy thermometer when making jam and candied jalapenos.

Overall, it’s a must have for any kitchen. It’s quick and easy to use and you get your temperatures almost instantly. It’s available on Amazon for $19.95 (+ shipping).  It is also eligible for Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more.  You can check out EatSmart’s other items by visiting their website.


I received the above mentioned product for free to help facilitate my review.

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