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Guest Article – Must-Haves for New Moms


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Screen-Shot-2013-05-20-at-10.07.44-AM-300x114 Whether you are expecting or you have recently given birth, you will likely agree that everything you have purchased and all the fuss from everyone has been about your baby. Why don’t other moms tell you essentials you need to make your life easier? Is it that they don’t think about it, or they simply want you to learn as you go, as they did? Maybe a little of both! Well, I’m here to tell you some essentials you can’t live without. These also make great gifts for expectant mothers!

1. Hammock Swing – You automatically assume you need a rocking chair for the nursery, right? Don’t get me wrong, rocking chairs are great. I was very attached to mine until I sat in a friend’s hammock chair one day. I went home, hopped online and searched online stores like SoothingCompany.com, and ordered one with a stand immediately. No more aching back from sitting there rocking all night in a stiff chair.

2. Aden and Anais Muslin Blanket – If you are breastfeeding, you cannot be without these blankets. They wrap around your front and back and drape over one shoulder, so you are covered from all angles. Now you don’t have to wear buttoned shirts everywhere you go. You will be able to feed your baby anywhere, without wondering if you are covered from all angles. They are lightweight and come in fun printed patterns.

3. Electronic Reader – You can plan on doing a lot of late night and early morning reading. Paperback books are awkward to hold, and the pages make so much noise when you turn them. An electronic reader is essential. Alternately, if you don’t mind a smaller screen you can just download the Kindle app to your smartphone.

4. Heating Pad – From cramps in your shoulders and arms to discomfort in your abdomen as your uterus shrinks, you will get a lot of use out of a quality heating pad.

5. Pacifier Holder – If you use pacifiers, you will be grateful for this handy little accessory. When you are in the store and the pacifier ends up on the floor and there is nowhere to wash it you will understand why these accessories are considered gold.

6. Energy Bars – Luna, Clif, and KIND all make delicious, satisfying, and healthy “energy” bars that will keep you going. There are plenty of dessert flavors, too. So, you won’t be tempted to eat that whole bag of cookies standing at the kitchen counter because you are too tired to even walk to a chair to sit down.

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  1. Great list. The energy bars are a definite must. My son always had long feeds and afterwards I was feeling so drained and hungry. Something easy to grab and eat to pick you back up is really needed.
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