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I love being able to spend time with my family, but with the crazy work schedule that my husband has, it’s can be really hard to find both time and a quick activity for us all to do. One simple activity that we’ve found and enjoy is going on a family picnic at our local park. Picnics are very simple to put together, and are great for any occasion…like a romantic dinner or celebration party.

The most important gear that you need is, of course, the picnic basket and a nice comfortable blanket. There is a wide variety of baskets available now. You can go with the classic wicker basket, or go with cloth or plastic totes. Blankets come in any design and size.

Aside from baskets & blankets, there are all sorts of interesting gear that you can get too. There are shade canopies that are perfect for places that don’t have a lot of shade. Our park has a pavilion, so we don’t have much use for a canopy there, but we have used them other places like at the beach. You can also get portable grills, wine & cheese sets, and even special packs just for wine. You can check out all of this gear and more at Picnicbaskets.net.

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