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Book Review – When Shadows Fall by L. Ron Hubbard

In When Shadows Fall, by L. Ron Hubbard, we get a startling glimpse of a future where Earth is depleted of its resources and what’s let if its inhabitants are in desperate need of help in order to survive. The fate of everyone lies in the hands of three aging commanders as they desperately comb the cosmos for help from colonial civilizations.

I really, really liked this story. It’s fairly short, with no chapters, and is very vivid. You can really get a sense of the hopelessness of the situation and everyone’s frustration when they believe that their last efforts were all for not. There are two other stories included with this one, Tough Old Man & Battling Bolto. Though Old Man is a very enjoyable tale of human endurance and has quite the funny ending. Battling Bolto is the absolutely hilarious story of a con-man and is sure to please everyone with its plot twist.

Overall, I loved this book. All three stories are excellent, and the audio book was great too. Both the book & audio book is available for $9.95. You can check out this and other great Golden Age stories at GoldenAgeBooks.com.

I received a copy of both the book & audio book for free to help facilitate my review.

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  1. Hello there Angela,

    I just read your book review on When Shadows Fall and I work with Galaxy Press and am very interested to have it in our catalog with a pic of yourself.

    Is this something you are willing to have occur?

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

    Best, Lauren

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