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Article – Buying a Home

Being able to own a home is a wonderful thing, and part of the American dream.  With the way the housing market right now, it’s the perfect time for first-time home buyers to get an excellent deal on a home.  Due to so many houses being foreclosed on, banks are being forced to get rid of properties for next to nothing.   When looking for a home, there are a few things you want to consider.

First of all, you want to make sure that you will be able to afford it financially.  Even though the house may be relatively cheap, you will more than likely still be paying a hefty sum every month…and that’s not even factoring in insurance & utilities.  Having a steady, stable job is a must.  If you have even the slightest doubt about your job, then it may be best to wait.

You also want to make sure that the house you are looking at is in good condition.  As long as you go with a realtor, the house will have been inspected before it was allowed on the market.  If you’re looking at one that’s for sale by the owner, you never know what exactly you are going to get.  The house could look well enough, but be infest with termites…or even have a bad roof.  Minor repair work is getting pretty costly these days, so you definitely don’t want to get stuck with any major repairs right off the bat.

Finally, you want to make sure you can get a good loan.  Since the housing market collapse, the banks have tightened down on who is getting loans.  Making sure that you have excellent credit is a must.  You may also want to research banks in your area to see who has the better rates.  Also, if you’re a military family then you can get more informationabout VA loans.

As long as you keep these things in mind, then you shouldn’t have a problem getting a home.

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