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the fun never ends…

Tuesday’s MRI turned out to be a total waste.  The place was not upfront about the cost on the phone, and we didn’t find out until after we got there that it was going to cost us close to $1300 out of pocket.  I’m in no position to wait another 2 to 3 weeks to get to get in at a different place, so Jason told me not to worry about it and that we would make payments.  I then spent 30 minutes with my boobs flattened against the opening of the machine and listening to the absolute worst radio station ever, Jack FM.  They played Ace of Base, and then followed it with recoding of people begging them to never play the band again.  I was barely able to walk out of the place since they had to force my leg all the way flat.  Overall, I wasn’t a happy camper.  Then, about 2 hours later, the clinic called and told that they didn’t see anything wrong with the ligaments, so they don’t know what’s wrong with it…just that there is fluid.

The doctor then called me in a stronger anti-inflammatory, saying that if it didn’t work in about a week that I can come back in and get it drained.  Well, why didn’t they do that in the first damn place!  It would have saved me time and money.  And, to top it all off,  the prescription they called in ended up being over $100 just for a few pills (they didn’t have enough on had to fill the full order).  It would have also made me even sicker than what the other was doing, so I didn’t get it.  I’m taking some Advil for the time being.  I’m going to see how it does over the weekend, and more than likely I’ll end up going to my regular doctor Monday.

Today was a good day, aside from our little adventure to Hannah’s doctor.  It was 91 out, so we decided to let Hannah run around in the sprinkler.  While she was playing, we took her tank top off of her so that it didn’t get wet.  I immediately noticed a quarter sized bump between her shoulder blades.  It was red, puffy and clearly not a mosquito bite.  She had also left long scratches where she had been itching at it.  I immediately got on the phone with her doctor’s office to see if I should bring her in.  Hannah continued to play while I waited for them to call me back. 

A few minutes after we brought her in, the nurse called and said to go ahead and bring her in.  They didn’t want to chance there being an infection or poison if it was a spider bite.  While we were in the waiting room, Hannah all but glomped a little girl who came in.  The girl was shy and looked like a deer caught in the headlights as Hannah talked a mile a minute.  She then refused to leave the waiting room when it was our turn to go back.  I had to pick her up and carry her out, while she perched herself on my shoulder and hollered ‘Goodbye!’ to her new friend.  As it turns out, she is having a localized reaction to a sting…probably from some sort of bee.   She’s getting a topical cream to put on it to help clear it up.   

So…a qusai eventfull few days.

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