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Book Review – While I’m Still Myself

I was sent an early copy of Jeremy Mark Lane’s new book, While I’m Still Myself. It’s a collection of short stories discribing random encounters that make and change a person. There are seven stories total and 127 pages. The first story follows the relationship of a young couple. The second is the meeting between a new father and an eldery hospital patient. Another follows a teenage girl, running away from both her home and her own personal fears, and her budding friendship with a drifter. The next one is about five unlikely friends that band together to help each other deal with abusive homes. Fifth in the book is about a man who meets a past love of his mothers. The sixth story follows a slave owner trying to do right by his family and his slaves. The final story is about a disturbing incident during a boy’s stay at his grandfather’s farm.

I’m not usually one to stray from my usual choice of sci-fi, thrillers and horror, but there was something about the synopsis that really drew my attention. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop until I had finished the whole book. All of the wonderfully written stories have likable characters, and focus on self-discovery and the raw emotions that come with it. A few of them are heartbreaking, while the others are somewhat pessimistic and a little dark at times. The writting pulls you in imediatly, not letting go until the end. Each of them are incredibly touching in their own way and make you stop to reflect upon yourself. I was very moved by them.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable read and I highly recomend it if you want a quick afternoon read. In fact, it’s one that you will likely read again. I know I have. The book is available in paperback on Amazon. You can also find more books by Jeremy Mark Lane on his website, as well as follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

I was sent a copy of the above mentioned book for free.

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