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Hurray for the Fearless Mouse Hunters!

Here’s a question for you… How many people and glue boards does it take to catch one little mouse?

The answer:  2 people & 3 glue boards.

I’ve lost two nights of sleep since discovering our new little ‘house mate’ after hearing a whole bunch of banging around in the dinning room.  At first I thought it was our resident ghost (yes, ghost…our house is haunted) until I turned the light on and the mouse ran across under the stove.  I woke Jason up screeching, and he put a few glue boards down.  We got nothing last night, but tonight we hit paydirt.

A little while ago, about 12:50 am, I heard him squeaking followed by a bunch of plastic banging around.  I tiptoed through the living room with my flashlight and shined it into the kitchen.  Low and behold, he was stuck to the glue board flopping around.  I rushed into the bedroom and woke up Jason, who was a little annoyed, but got up when he heard all the noise the mouse was making.  The little guy was moving around so much then he was almost coming off the glue.  So, I did what any normal, red-blooded American would do:  I began poking at it with a stick.

Well, not a stick per say…just my metal tomato pole that I’ve never used, but just happen to have laying around in case I need to poke at something.  I wanted to move out and away from the stove so that I could maybe get him stuck better to the board and so I cold see how big he was.  Jason stood there questioning my sanity while I poked and prodded away.  Had I known that only his back feet were stuck to the board, I would have left him there for the night.  As fate would have it, I got him moved out and attempted to try to get him on the board better.  I was commenting to Jason that we needed to do something with it since it was bound to get loose and I didn’t want it going all Willard on us, when it charged straight at us in a bid to get away.  The little guy got half way around the kitchen before we could stop him, and it took two more glue boards to get him completely immobile. 

So, the lesson learned from all this is to use mouse traps from now on. 

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