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The Juppy Baby Walker Giveaway [ENDED]

The Juppy is a parent-assisted baby walker used to safely teach babies how to walk sooner while eliminating dangerous falls.  A lot of parents tend to hold their babies by the hands or under the arms to teach them to walk. I know from personal experience that it can cause your back to hurt, but what I didn’t know is that it can also cause injury to your child’s arms and/or joints.

With the Juppy, you place you child in the Juppy and, while standing upright, you hold on to the cotton straps giving him/her support to walk.  This eliminates any disconfort to you and your baby.  Best of all, the Juppy folds up and can be put in your purse.  It’s doctor recomended and is machine washable.  You can get more info at the Juppy website.

This is a product I really wish I had when Hannah was first learning.  I’m definitely going to get one if we ever have another child.

Special thanks goes to Juppy for sponsoring this months giveaway.

The giveaway is open to everyone, and the entry deadline is August 31. To enter, simply leave a commment below with the mandatory entry info. You can also complete any of the entry entires if you wish. At the end of the contest, I will use a random number generator to pick the winner. The max number of entries per person is 5.

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment telling me what you like best about the Juppy. (Make sure to put your email address in the comment so that I have a way to contact you if you win.)

You can get 4 extra entires by doing the following: (each must be noted in a separate comment to count)

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  1. I think this product looks cool:) I’m following you here,twitter,and fb

  2. Absolutely – saving my back – oh this would have been fantastic when my kids were little. Now it would be great with my grand children!


  3. I’d love to win this not just for myself for my dad to be able to walk/run with my son–they both love this special time with each other but my little man is strong and likes to take off and my dad’s back just can’t do it more than 5 minutes! I’d love to be able to make this special time between them easier

  4. i like you can hold the baby and control it ! also ima follwer!!!!!!

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  6. i liked you page

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  8. I think the best feature is that I as the parent/walker am able to stand upright. This will definitely help me back.

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  10. I like the Juppy on fb

  11. I like that the Juppy is a parent-assisted device – not just something you leave your kid in while you do the dishes!

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  13. Wish I had this when we were teaching my daughter to walk. With the second one on the way, I think this would make that time so much easier on the back for both Daddy and me.

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  17. I love that this would help my son who has developmental delays. Wonderful tool. ndobesh at hotmail dot com

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  22. I love that is product is doctor recommended. It makes me feel safer using it for my child.

  23. Oh my 5.5 month old is wanting to start pulling up on things and walking with my help, this sounds like it could be a life saver (or at least a back saver, he is already 22 lbs!)
    kmonkey13 at yahoo dot com

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  26. I like that this is compact and can go anywhere
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  27. Hello! My youngest is 2 months and I’m sure this will be handy in the future! I like that this product allows you to help your little one, instead of just putting her into a toy to play. Very unique!

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  29. What I like about Juppy is that it’s handy that I can bring it anywhere I’ll go with the baby and will surely help the me and the caregiver in teaching my baby how to walk.


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  34. I have recently discovered this product through various blogger reviews and believe it would be great for my little boy! I love the fact that it will not hurt my back from trying to hold him as he walk! (I have chronic lower back pains).

    FYI, I am following on FB, &Twitter. You & Jumpy.
    email: arleneaesthetic@aol.com

  35. I love that it is easy on the back! formalityoffrugality@gmail.com

  36. Im a Fb friend! (formalityof Frugality) formalityoffrugality@gmail.com

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  39. I think this is very cool because your kids have to learn more balance. tb-4@hotmail.com

  40. I often have lower back pain so I love that The Juppy would save my back!
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  43. I like that you don’t have to bend over the whole time.
    Janessa.John at gmail dot com

  44. I love the juppy! My nephew is 9 months old and loves walking in the walker but does not like people holding his hands. This would be great for him!

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