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Article — Emergency Planning for a Tornado – What You Need to Know

Do you know what to do in the event of a tornado hitting your area? Are you even prepared? Given the numerous outbreaks of the past few weeks, it’s probably something you want to think about. As long as you have a general plan formed in advance, it will keep you and your family from panicking during a storm, and quite possibly save your lives.

The first and most important thing you need to know before coming up with any tornado preparedness plan is the difference between the types of warnings. A watch means to ‘watch out’; the conditions are right for a tornado. A warning means ‘take cover immediately’; a tornado has either been spotted on the ground or has shown up on radar. Many times people get the terms switched, so knowing them ahead of time could potentially save your life.

The second thing is knowing the safest areas to take shelter during a tornado. If you are in your house, the best places to take cover would be in a basement or in a hallway that is away from any outside walls. Closets and bathtubs are also good. You can use blankets, pillows, or even mattresses for added protection. You should avoid all windows. It is a common belief that having windows open during a storm will help keep the house from getting major damage. This is, however, false. At least, you’ll only end up getting extra water damage, and at worst, something may get blown in that otherwise would not have. If you are traveling on the road, do not try to stay in your car or outrun the storm. Find a ditch and lay flat, with your hands covering your head. Another popular myth is that it is safe to take shelter under an overpass. This is not true and very dangerous to do. The winds can become stronger when being funneled through an overpass.

The last thing you will need is what I like to call my ‘storm gear’. These are items that you will need while you are waiting out the storm. First and foremost, you should have a weather radio. The radio will keep you up to date on the storm. In some cases, it’s the only warning you will get. You should also have a few flashlights, extra batteries, and some bottled water. The CDC recommends having a list of emergency phone numbers and a first aid kit as well.

These steps should help guide you as you form your emergency plan. It’s always best to hope that you will never have to use it. But if a storm does come through, you’ll be glad you had it. Having the plan ready will give you the extra time you need to prepare for the storm, keep everyone calm, and may even save your life.
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  1. HI, stopping in from the Alexis hop

  2. What a well thought out and important post. With the many tornadoes it certainly urges us to be safe.

    I’m a new GFC from the weekend blog hop.


  3. These are very useful tips. How do you like writing for ezine? I was thinking of looking into them for a little extra $$. Hiiii! I’m your newest follower! Would love for you to swing by & visit my blog when you have a chance! If you have a Twitter I’d love to be friends there as well! xoxo! http://www.shelbylately.com & @shelbylatelycom

  4. @shelbylately.com This is my first article for ezine, and so far I like them. They are very easy to work with.

  5. I have to think about these things and plan with my family each time we move and being a military family, we move often. This house is so odd, with no basement and no inner rooms that I have resorted to having the kids go to certain closets. I makes me sad we would not all be together in one spot but it is what it is. Happy to have read this on the hop!

  6. Great info! Thankfully we’re in a state that hardly ever gets a tornado, if ever. It’d be so scary to have to worry about them happening.

  7. I’m so glad I live just far enough south in Texas that we don’t get tornadoes. Thanks for the tips.

  8. Very important info. We have been having a lot af bad weather recently.

  9. we just had tornadoes about an hour away – total devastation to that area 🙁 I heard of a man who was in his bathtub… his house was destroyed… his bathtub in the yard – and he was inside of it (alive)! thanks for sharing


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