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Noodling Passed in Texas

Yes, this ‘super important’ law has passed so that we Texans can now noodle for catfish.  If your not familar with the term, noodling means fishing with your bare hands.  You swim down to a catfish hole, stick your hand in, and wait for the fish to bite you.  Once it’s lached on to your hand, you pull it out and take it home.  Still confused?  Here’s a video:

Chuck Norris uses this meathod to catch sharks. 

The new noodle law states that you have to have a fishing lisence with a freshwater tag.  I don’t really see the big draw to it.  I tried it once in Oklahoma and it isn’t easy.  All I got for my troubles was cut  up fingers, which made paddling a kayak very annoying.  Plus, flathead catfish are very aggresive. 

Doesn’t our state lawmakers have more import legislation to be working on?  Like state budget issues or keeping the State Parks open?  I’d rather see them tackle our issues with the border than play around with fishing.

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  1. Sounds like Texas lawmakers might be about as bad as those in Arkansas. Or Washington D.C. Maybe all lawmakers are (insert derogatory term here). Maybe dealing with law has a worse effect than TV.

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  2. your newest follow, from one of the blog hops, Ive done a few different ones tonght, Not sure where Ive come from..lol
    Hope you have a chance to return the follow.
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