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when it rains, it pours…

The past week or so has been super crappy!  Jason found out a few days ago that he has to work all day on Christmas.  The freaking store isn’t even open!  What the hell is wrong will Wal-Mart!  So now we are going to have to get up super early, at 5 a.m., to be able to open presents before he has to go in.  He tried to get it so he could come in late but they won’t let him.  So…Hannah’s fist Christmas is ruined for the most part.
Christmas Eve is all screwed up too.  Jason is working that day as well, so we want to have his side of the family over at our house to make it easier.  Plus, I’m going to make a dinner for everyone.  Jason’s mom, however, isn’t pleased about it since it’s always at her house…but at this point I don’t care.  It’s easier for us, especially since we have Hannah, and I don’t really feel like being trapped over there for hours on end waiting for her to get her crap together so everyone can open presents.  Last year, we wait almost three hours before everything started while the weather was steadily getting worse (snow and ice).

And now, to top it all off, the oven went out again.  We are going to try to have someone come out and look at it since we shouldn’t have to keep replacing the panel every few months.  If we have to order a new one, I don’t know if we will get it in time for Christmas…which screws up Christmas dinner with my parents.

….bleh….we just never seem to catch a break anymore.

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