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A Few Updates

My Internet has been down the for past few days, but it's fixed now.  I'm working on a bunch of posts, as well as getting the slider fix (it vanished on me!). One of my New Year Resolutions is to try get back into posting daily.  I'm probably fixing to sign up on Postspresso since they have all sorts of topics for posts.  Also, if anyone has a topic you would like covered or any post idea suggestions, let me know. … [Read more...]

Assorted Blog Issues

I've been having some assorted issues with the blog for the past two weeks since there was a server update on my host.  Everything has been running slow and I've had a lot trouble getting posts up.  Apparently the biggest issue was Tweetable, which I've had to disable.  Anyway, I'm hoping all of the bugs have been fixed now, and I apologize for any issues anyone may have been running into while browsing the site.  If you happen to come across any errors or slow loading pages, please let me know … [Read more...]

Updates, Updates, and More Updates

I have been a naughty blogger again by getting caught up in way too much going on.  It seems to have been one thing after another lately.  So, instead of several updates, I'm just going to do one big post to try to get stuff caught up. Email Woes Yahoo is the most annoying thing in the world.  You would think that after all the years they have been doing business that they would have figured out how to work out/fix issues with their email.  I'm going to apologize now if you have emailed me … [Read more...]

Assorted Updates and News

Things have been busy around here lately.  I'm still elbow deep in reviews, which I should be working on tonight but I'm beat.  We went to the Rangers game yesterday & I got sunburned really bad even though I was wearing sunscreen.  My daughter was wearing the same stuff I was and the only red on her is on the tips of her ears.  My arms and shoulders aren't too bad, by my legs look awful.  It hurts every time I get up and walk around.  So, I've gotten nothing done today aside from limping … [Read more...]

Quick Giveaway Update

I am super happy at getting over 550 entries for the Bright Washes Bright Wishes Giveaway!  That's the most entries I've gotten to date for a giveaway.  I'll be picking the winners and emailing them this eveing...probably after my daughter goes to bed.  There are two other giveaways going right now: The iParent.tv Giveaway & The Vitamin Boost Giveaway.  There should be some more giveaways starting soon, so keep and eye out. I'm also looking for some movie suggestions for a Family Movie … [Read more...]

The Holiday Gift Guide Lives!!

Are you a Game of Thrones fan?  Have you always wanted to see Ned Stark holding a candy cane?  Your wish has been granted!  You can see that and great Christmas gift ideas on the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. Old Ned may have lost his head, but he will forever live on in our hearts...and memes.  I've spent the better part of the afternoon making him look nice and holiday-ish for your giggling pleasure.  If you've never watched Game of Thrones, you should get it on Netflix. All silliness, the … [Read more...]

Demographics Survey

I'm trying to figure out the demographics for the site so that I have the information on hand to give to companies if they request it.  I'm using UserReport, so there will be a feedback icon on the left side.  The survey will pop up the first time you visit, if you haven't seen it already.  By completing it, you can sign up for a monthly giveaway for $100 gift card.  The giveaway is run by UserReport and I have no involvement.  The survey is optional and you don't have to answer all the … [Read more...]

New Instagram Account!

I've started an account on Instagram: http://instagram.com/misadvmom.  There will be a mix of stuff for the blog (pics, product review photos, ect...) & my photography and design work.  Plus little odds and ends of stuff.  I've got a few pictures up there right now and I'll be adding some more stuff today. … [Read more...]

…blah, blah…

It's been relatively hectic since FenCon.  Plus, the weather has decided to go crazy.  It's been raining almost non-stop for the last few days.  We got caught out in a big downpour yesterday while trying to get to the grocery store.  My mom had come over to go with us & I still say she brought the rain with her.  It was clear until I pulled the 4Runner out, then it started pouring.  Of course, the sunroof started leaking within a few minutes so I had to go back out and pull it back under the … [Read more...]

Couple of Quick Updates

I'm leaving in an hour or so to head off to FenCon for the weekend.  I'll have my laptop with me, but email response time may be a bit slow.  I should be back home early Sunday. There will be a Printcopia giveaway starting next week sometime.  This one will be run directly by Printcopia & everyone who enters will get a coupon emailed to them at the end of the giveaway.  I don't have all the details yet, but I will make sure to get a disclaimer from them as far as how they will be using … [Read more...]

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