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Product Review – Monkey Mat

A few weeks ago, I was sent a Monkey Mat to try out and review.  Featured on Shark Tank, the Monkey Mat is a portable mat that you can use anywhere.  It’s perfect for the beach, picnics, and anywhere you might want a little something to sit on.  The mat has weighted corners with loops to be able to stake it down if needed (stakes sold separately), an attached bag to fold it up into, and loops in the middle to attach keys or toys. I have several ground blankets that I use, but they are pretty … [Read more...]

Product Review – eReading LED Desk Lamp from BenQ

Last week, I was sent an eReading LED Desk Lamp from BenQ to try out and review.  The lamp is curved, offing 90cm of coverage, giving 150% more light coverage than other lamps.  It has a touch sensitive control ring, adjustable brightness, ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness, and is flexible so you can adjust it as needed. We recently moved, and the area where I now have my desk & computer at doesn’t get much light.  I no longer have my big pole light or a … [Read more...]

Product Review – Dog Harness from My Pets America

Last week, I was sent a dog harness from My Pets America to try out and review.  The harness is available in medium and large sizes and is made from durable light-weight polyester.  It also comes with a 78 inch leash as well. Tank, our aptly named boxer, is a little over 4 months old and growing very quickly.  He’s hyper still, which makes it hard to control him when he’s out.  Neck collars just aren’t enough for him at times.  We had been looking for a good harness for him, so this was much … [Read more...]

Product Review – Stolevar Camping Cookware Set

Last week, I was sent a Camping Cookware Set from Stolevar to test out and review.  The set consists of an anodized nonstick pot (with lid) & pan, 2 bowls, folding spoon & fork, soup spoon, bamboo spatula, and a sponge.  It’s designed to be lightweight, making it perfect for backpacking or any camping trip.  It comes in a nylon drawstring bag. I’ve had many similar sets over the years, and for the most part they were ok.  Typical issues I’ve learned to look for are not heating evenly, … [Read more...]

Product Review – Himalayan Salt Lamp

A few weeks back, I was sent a Himalayan Salt Lamp from Himalayan Salt Shop to test out and review.  Essentially, the lamp is a large chunk of Himalayan salt that is hollowed so that you can place a light bulb in it.  As the salt warms up from the heat of the bulb, it releases negative ions which helps remove pollen, dust, bacteria, and more from the air.  It also offsets any positive ions from electronic equipment as well. I have always wanted one of these since the first time I saw some in … [Read more...]

Product Review – Turkish Evil Eye Bracelet

Last week, I was sent a Turkish Evil Eye bracelet to try out and review.  The bracelet feature an eye set off with assorted beads.  It’s on a leather cord with snap closures.  It can be worn by both men and women, and is suitable for all ages.  The evil eye is typically used to bring good luck and protection from ill wishes.  It is very popular throughout the world. I’ve always thought that they look really neat, but have never gotten one before.  The bracelet itself is on a sturdy flat … [Read more...]

Product Review – Beauty Lally Makeup Brushes

Last week, I was sent a set of makueup brushes from Beauty Lally to try out and review.  The set contains 9 brushes and the come in a designer case, and are available in two colors; brown or black.  They are designed to feel silky and smooth, and can be used with powder, liquids, and creams.  I received the brown brushes. My makeup regime is pretty simple most of the time.  Most days I usually just use a spot concealer and pencil in my eyebrows.  If I’m going out, I break out the larger kit … [Read more...]

TV Review – iZombie Season 2

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own. A few weeks back, I was sent a DVD copy of iZombie Season 2 to watch and review.  Picking up three months after the end of season 1, Liv is rekindling romance with Major while Ravie is working on recreating the zombie cure.  Blane is human once again, but still causing trouble.  Plus, there is an even bigger bad guy than Blaine out there and is spying on … [Read more...]

Product Review – Wonder Soil Super Grass Seed

Last week, I was asked to try out and review Wonder Soil Super Grass Seed from Wonder Soil.  The dry seed mix expands when wet to easily cover the area.  The 1lb bag with cover 30sq feet, and the 100lb bag will cover 300sq feet.  The seed has a faster germination and is organically & mineral enriched.  I was sent a half pound bag of fescue seed. There are many bare patches in our yard, especially under the pear trees in the front.  I opted to try out the seed on a small patch in the … [Read more...]

Product Review – Pet Nail Grinder

A few days ago, I was sent a Pet Nail Grinder from Lifepul.  The grinder is battery operated (2 AA not included) and has a metal diamond-bit grinder.  It can be used on both dogs and cats, and is designed to not make a lot of noise. My mom’s puppy Tank, a boxer, has nails that grow super-fast & he had no idea as of yet how much they hurt when he paws at us.  He’s pretty active so it’s difficult to get him to stay still for long.  On advice from the vet, we were trying to use a regular … [Read more...]