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Product Reviews – Packaways

Last week I was sent a few Packaways.  Packaways are reusable storage boxes that fold flat so that you can easily store them when you aren’t using them.  When you do need them, you simply pressing on the corners and they pop open and lock into place. I was sent two different sizes, medium and large.  The boxes are made of a very sturdy plastic and can easily stand up to wear and tear.  Hannah tossed them around the living room for a few days and even dumped most of her toys in the large one, … [Read more...]

Product Review – JOEmo XL Travel Mug

A few weeks back, I got to pick out a travel mug from reuseit.com.  They have a large selection of mugs, cups and all sort of other goodies.  After looking through everything, I picked out the JOEmo XL.  The JOEmo is a 16oz stainless steel travel thermos that has a removable tea filter. I am a huge tea drinker and absolutely hate coffee…unless I’m on a kayaking trip where I’ll drink it if it’s the consistency of sludge.  I know…that sounds gross.  Anyway, I figured that I would get the most … [Read more...]

Product Reveiw – NNAT®2 Practice Workbook

A few weeks back, I was sent a copy of the NNAT®2 Practice Workbook from The Test Tutor.  The book is designed to help children prepare for the NNAT®2, a test that looks at the general intellectual ability of children.  The book covers grades K (age 5) through 12, has 85 full-color exercises & answer key, test & scoring details, and test taking strategies. When I first received the book I had no idea what the NNAT®2 even was.  After looking it up, I still don’t really know.  From what I … [Read more...]

Tiny Prints Address Lables Review and Giveaway [ENDED]

TinyPrints has all sorts of great cards for any occasion.  But, did you know that they have address lables too?  They literally have hundreds of designs to choose from.  Here, take a lood for yourself: http://www.tinyprints.com/shop/personalized-address-labels.htm I mail out a ton of cards at Christmas time.  I write personal notes in each of them and address them by hand...so you can imagine how much my hand hurts by the time I'm done.  Having cute address lables save my a good bit of … [Read more...]

Product Review – Magid Disposable Nitile Gloves

I was recently sent a box of nitrile gloves from Magid.  The disposable gloves are blue with a rolled cuff, and are powered inside.  They are also ambidextorous. The gloves are available in sizes S to 2XL. The gloves are better than disposable vinyl & latex due to their superior fit and better puncture, abrasion, & chemical resistance.  They have enhanced durability and are slightly thinner, reducing hand fatigue.  They are ideal for use in automotive, janitorial, general maintenance, … [Read more...]

Product Review – Magid EconoWear Shoe Covers

A few weeks back, I was sent some Magid EconoWear shoe covers.  The covers tear and puncture resistant, and have elastic at the ankles.  They are disposable and can be used for a large number of projects. The covers are available in various sizes, and easily slip over your shoes.  I found them great for when I'm cleaning the floor.  I can put them on over my socks or shoes and not have to worry about leaving foot prints.  They are especially useful in the dining room where the floor is already … [Read more...]

Home Organization Binder 101 Review & Giveaway [ENDED]

A few weeks back, Ashley from Sweetpea Lifestyle sent me a copy of her Home Organization Binder 101.  The digital binder contains helpful templates that you can use to help you plan out all of your daily activities. Basically, the binder is 13 image files that you can print out as needed.  They cover everything from grocery lists to cleaning schedules.  There is even a blog planner that covers the entire month, which I have found to most useful for keeping track of my giveaways.  Even if you … [Read more...]

Letters from Santa Review & Giveaway [ENDED]

I was invited to check out Letters from Santa, a website that lets you create letters to your child/childern from Santa.  The site provides parents a simple way to create beautiful, personalized letters from Santa that can be printed instantly, along with matching envelope.  Available in both a free and low-cost Magical version, the letters are full of special details only Santa could know, and address a multitude of worries that little ones might have.  In addition to these very special … [Read more...]

Product Review – Decorative Ceiling Tiles

A few weeks ago, I was sent some ceiling tiles from Decorative Ceiling Tiles.  They sell a variety of easy to install ceiling tiles.  They sell tin ceiling tiles, drop ceiling tiles, moldings, and more.  You can use the tiles for all sorts of decorating ideas . . . not just for the ceiling.  I was sent one faux tin ceiling tile, and one foam tile. The tin tile is a rich copper color and has a very ornate pattern.  The material is thin and durable, and easily withstood Hannah's attempts to run … [Read more...]

UGLee Pen Review and Giveaway [ENDED]

A few weeks ago, I was sent a set of three UGLee pens. UGLee pens were created by a doctor to have the best, most comfortable grip available on a ergonomic pen. They also have the smoothest ink system, and the pen is extremely light. I had figured on this pen being more of a gimmick than anything else, but I was surprised at how comfortable it was to use. I have been having ongoing problems in my right hand for some months now, which has made holding anything small either very painful and … [Read more...]

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