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Product Review – Wonder Soil Super Grass Seed

Last week, I was asked to try out and review Wonder Soil Super Grass Seed from Wonder Soil.  The dry seed mix expands when wet to easily cover the area.  The 1lb bag with cover 30sq feet, and the 100lb bag will cover 300sq feet.  The seed has a faster germination and is organically & mineral enriched.  I was sent a half pound bag of fescue seed. There are many bare patches in our yard, especially under the pear trees in the front.  I opted to try out the seed on a small patch in the … [Read more...]

Product Review – Camping Travel Fitness and Gym Towel

Last week, I was asked to try out the Camping Travel Fitness and Gym Towel by j2 Line.  It comes in a set of two: one large towel (27"х51") (70cm x 130cm) good for your whole body and a small one (12"х27") (30cm х 70cm) for your face & hands.  They are designed to absorb large amounts of water and dry fast. I was very interested in trying these out, especially for use at the gym.  When they first arrived, I noticed right away how light both towels felt.  I figured that the larger one … [Read more...]

Product Review – BEASON iPhone 6/6s Running Armband

Last week, I was asked to try out and review the Beason iPhone 6/6s Running Armband.  The band is water resistant, sweat proof, and is adjustable.  It has a built in key pocket and a card pocket that will fit a driver’s license, credit card, and/or cash.  The phone pocket has a clear front that allows you to use the screen on your phone, and fits any screen up to 4.7 inches (iPhone 5,5s,5c,SE, Galaxy S3/S4). I’ve been looking for things to hold my phone/keys/cards at the gym, so I was … [Read more...]

Product Review – Heavy Duty Car Trunk Organizer

Last week, I was asked to check out the Heavy Duty Car Trunk Organizer by LK Baby.  The organizer designed to be durable and won’t slip or slide in your vehicle.  It folds up to be compact and has multiple pockets and 2 elastic straps. I’ve has several organizers in the past.  None of them have ever been all that great, and I even had one partially melt due to the summer Texas heat.  This organizer, though, is very well made.  It comes folded up.  All you need to do is unclip each side and … [Read more...]

Product Review – Teabook Premium Gift Set

Last week, I was asked to try out the Teabook Premium Gift Set.  It comes with a glass tumbler and an assortment of 17 teas.  The teas included are White, Green, Red, and Oolong, and a special premium tea.  The tumbler is glass and holds up to 12 oz.  You can leave the leaves in longer without the tea getting bitter. I love trying out new teas, so this was a treat.  The pouches are pre-measured and have the perfect amount for the tumbler, and so far the one’s I’ve tried have all been very … [Read more...]

Product Review – Bento Lunch Box Set

Last week, I was sent a set of 6 3-compartment Bento Lunch Box to try out and review.  The boxes are dishwasher & microwave safe, and is able to be used for potion control.  They are made from FDA-approved, high-quality polypropylene #5 plastic.  There is also no BPA, PVC, or phthalates in them, plus they come with a lifetime guarantee. The containers are very nice, and they have multiple color lids so you can keep everyone’s lunches straight.  Each section holds a different amount; ½ … [Read more...]

Product Review – CanvasPop 16×24 Canvas

A few weeks back, I was invited to try out CanvasPop. CavansPop let you create canvas prints with your photos. They have a ton of canvas sizes and options, and can even retouch your images for you. I got to design a 16x24 canvas. The process is very easy. You simply upload your image and then select your options. Sizes will be based on what is a good option for the size & resolution of the image you are using. I actually used a photo I took on my cell phone of my daughter. I cleaned it up … [Read more...]

Product Review – Bridger Fanny Pack

A few weeks ago, I was asked to try out the Bridger Supply Outdoor Fanny Pack.  This fanny pack has multiple pockets, dual water bottle holders, and a shoulder strap.  It’s water resistant and is constructed to be lightweight & durable. I have a different fanny pack that I use on vacations, but I can never get enough stuff in it.  This fanny pack isn’t overly large, but has tons of space.  I can easily place my regular sized wallet in it and still have room for my phone, keys, sunglasses, … [Read more...]

Product Review – Tibetan Meditation Bowl

A few weeks ago, I was asked to try out a Tibetan Meditation Bowl from Geshe’s Dharma. The bowl is hand painted and comes with a leather cushion & wooden mallet. It has a diameter of 4 inches and is perfect for beginners. I’ve seen larger versions of these in one of the stores at the mall, and have always wanted one. This one is beautifully decorated and has gotten a lot of comments since I set it out on my mantel. It’s fairly simple to use. I leave mine sitting on the cushion and either … [Read more...]

Product Review – Backseat Car Organizer with Visor Organizer

A few weeks ago, I was asked to try out and review the Backseat Car Organizer with Visor Organizer from Francy Mobility. The organizer has a multitude of pockets to fit any number of items in, as well as two drink holder pockets & a button strap to hold pacifiers or rattles. The visor organizer has a small mesh pocket, a larger one, and a few pen holders. The backseat of my car typically suffers from ‘hamstercageitis’, being that my daughter tends to drag a large number of things into it. … [Read more...]

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