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The Stomach Bug That Wouldn’t Die!!!

Okay, I know...it sounds like a really bad movie, but the stomach bug has been bad!  my daughter got it first at the start of last week.  She was fine when she went to bed, and when she woke up in the morning she started throwing up.  It wasn't a lot at first.  She tried to eat a little and went back to sleep for about two hours.  She was fine when she got back up but after going in to use the bathroom, she started throwing up again.  So, I called her doctor.  We ended up having to wait until … [Read more...]

Assorted Updates and News

Things have been busy around here lately.  I'm still elbow deep in reviews, which I should be working on tonight but I'm beat.  We went to the Rangers game yesterday & I got sunburned really bad even though I was wearing sunscreen.  My daughter was wearing the same stuff I was and the only red on her is on the tips of her ears.  My arms and shoulders aren't too bad, by my legs look awful.  It hurts every time I get up and walk around.  So, I've gotten nothing done today aside from limping … [Read more...]

Our Nightmarish Week

I am terribly sorry about the lack of activity a past several day.  It has been a very long week, consisting of 3 doctor visits, high fevers, and very little sleep.  Everything started on Monday.  My daughter had an appointment for her 4 year wellness check and shots.  We had a bit of a runaround leading up to the appointment because our health insurance decided to drop our pediatrician from their coverage.  We didn’t know until we were already at the office & was told that the cost for the … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday 3/12

These are a few of the photos I took a few weekends ago at the Four Winds Renaissance Faire. Link up your Wordless Wednesday! … [Read more...]

R.I.P William Scott Tanksley

The funeral for fallen Dallas firefighter William Scott Tanksley was held today.  He was killed while on duty February 10.  Since the funeral procession was going past the end of our street, I decided to walk down with my daughter and pay our respects.  Most of our neighbors went as well.  There were a lot of people out at the ends of the side streets as well, many of them holding up flags.   … [Read more...]

That Awkward Moment When…

...you receive a promo pack for a movie (aptly titled 'That Awkward Moment') and are not expecting to get drink stirrers with penises on them.  Yeah. That made for fun times when my 3 year old saw them and asked me what they were.  I told here they were trash & tossed them.  If I had realized that they were going to be in the pack, I wouldn't have gotten it.  Oh well.  Another lesson on the importance of reading the fine print. … [Read more...]

Milestones, Losses, and Moving Forward

I've been trying to get this written out for days now and I just haven't been able too.  A lot has happened this year, mostly withing the last few weeks, and I just haven't felt like doing much of anything.  But it's already two weeks into the new year, so it's time to get out of my funk and get back into the thick of things.  I know that this is going to be a bit choppy, but I've been writing bits and pieces of it out over the past week or so. Milestones This year has been a lot of fun as … [Read more...]

Black Friday Sale Crazyness!

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.  We went to my parents house and watched the Raven's game after eating a wonderful turkey dinner.  My husband had to work unfortunately.  He's an assistant manager for Walmart, and this is what he had to look forward to after getting home at 11 am from working all night, then having to be back into work at 5 pm: Thankfully, this wasn't at his store, and he didn't really have any issues with customers going totally bat poopie.  I … [Read more...]

…blah, blah…

It's been relatively hectic since FenCon.  Plus, the weather has decided to go crazy.  It's been raining almost non-stop for the last few days.  We got caught out in a big downpour yesterday while trying to get to the grocery store.  My mom had come over to go with us & I still say she brought the rain with her.  It was clear until I pulled the 4Runner out, then it started pouring.  Of course, the sunroof started leaking within a few minutes so I had to go back out and pull it back under the … [Read more...]

Super frustrated!

I am super frustrated!  Everything that could possibly go wrong or cause problems has been happening this week...which has put me behind even more.Earlier this week, we noticed that on of the tires on my 4Runner was looking low while we were out visiting my husband's grandfather.  He filled it up for us so that we would be able to get home, and planned on taking it up to Walmart the following day to get it checked.  The next day (Sunday), my husband ran it up there.  After waiting over 2 hours, … [Read more...]

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