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Humor Is the Best Recipe for Happiness: 7 Funny Christmas Gifts You Can Give to Make People Laugh

There can be a lot of pressure around the holidays to find everyone the perfect gift without breaking the bank. While we are constantly bombarded with extravagant ideas for Christmas presents for our friends and loved ones, this push to buy more and more can end up overshadowing the real meaning of the holidays. Instead of focusing on the time we get to spend with our loved ones, on unwinding and appreciating what we have, we are left feeling like we need to strive even further to show our loved ones we care about them by spending money.

Instead of letting yourself be swept up in the consumerism of Christmas, focus on exchanging small, meaningful gifts, setting a spending cap, and enjoying the time you get to spend with your family and loved ones. Some people struggle with spending caps, especially for people they don’t know exceptionally well. However, if your “giftee” is a person who likes to laugh (and who doesn’t?) this Christmas could be the perfect time to indulge in some humorous gifts to brighten someone’s holiday season with laughter.

Here are 7 funny Christmas gifts you can give to make people laugh:

  1. Toilet Mug

If you think toilet humor is juvenile, then we can’t be friends. Give this gift to the coffee or tea lover in your life who wants to give everyone at the office a pause on Monday morning. This 12-ounce mug is made of high-quality ceramic and will have your favorite uncle laughing all Christmas morning.

  1. Novelty socks

Got a girlfriend or wife who rarely puts their feet up? When they do, gift them with a pair of novelty socks that say: “If you can read this, bring me wine.” Let’s be honest, it’s not a lie.

  1. Funny Christmas sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are super popular these days. Gift one of your friends with a funny Santa sweater or a naughty sweater that says “Jolly As F***” to keep them on the “best dressed” list at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

  1. Creative profanity generator

Know a friend with a serious potty mouth who could use a little more creativity with their insults? Give them an original profanity generator that allows them to mix and match naughty words to create the strangest, funniest swears around.

  1. A book of passive aggressive notes

Got a co-worker who is always cracking up at the series of passive aggressive notes stuck all over your office? Make their day by giving them a whole book of passive aggressive notes! Featuring images of top-quality passive aggressive notes whose writers are bordering on a psychotic breakdown, this is one gift to keep your co-worker laughing all year. Pro tip? Don’t give it to the co-worker who writes those passive aggressive notes.

  1. Motion sensor toilet nightlight

Personally, we’re not even sure if this one qualifies as a joke gift–it’s useful! Sure, people may laugh initially, but they won’t laugh when it’s soothing blue glow saves them from going butt-first into cold toilet water in the dead of night. For $30, this could really save someone you love.

  1. “Go the F*** To Sleep” book

Look, we all love our kids, but sometimes it takes all our strength not to simply say “go the f*** to sleep.” Luckily, this book does it for you in a lovely, rhyming cadence with gorgeous imagery. Gift this bad boy to any new parent who is sleep deprived and mainlining coffee.

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