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Home and Work Projects – Make Them Happen

Forget about spring cleaning, winter time is still a very good time to prioritize your home and work improvement projects and figure out what needs completing. If you’ve put a stop to current projects that are lingering because you’re feeling overwhelmed with the impending holidays or you have too many things to do period, take a deep breath and begin to prioritize your work and home improvement projects. You can complete them one at a time!

Make a list

5/4/2010: To-Do ListIt’s probably been a while since you looked over your list of possible home and work projects, huh? That’s okay – when feeling overwhelmed it’s easy to bury the pile at the bottom of a pile of magazines or place it somewhere deep inside your desk. Make a brand new list and don’t hold back. Instead include it all, from implementing a way to automate your marketing online to redoing a guest bedroom. Write your list on what works best for you – it can be on note cards, in a notebook, or via a list that you picked up at a home store.

As you start your list, consider which items are most important and rank them in order. Do you have an online business? If capturing more leads online and converting them into customers is top on your list, work on that first. To jumpstart home projects you first need to make more sales on your online business – there’s a way to do just that by making career-minded goals priority.

Automate your business

Now that you’ve created a list and know that you want to streamline your business to make things easier then perhaps the missing piece to your puzzle has been finding the best sales and marketing software. Instead of worrying about how to do it all and get everything done when life is already crazy enough, automate your business with the right tools to be successful online.

Get rid of clutter

After you’ve invested in the right tools to jumpstart your business before you begin on your home renovation projects, it’s important to clean out the clutter first. You might be wondering what decluttering has to do with your current projects that you’d like to start on. By clearing out the current mess out of your house and either donating clutter and odds and ends to the Goodwill or selling furniture you no longer use, you’ll be creating a clean and tidy space to work with in every area of your home.

It’ll be much easier to stay focused on work and be more productive with a tidy office space. Plus, with the money you make from selling furniture you’ll have extra funds to use on your online business and DIY projects!

How much you’re willing to spend

Now that you’re motivated to get going on projects, before going full speed ahead it’s important to consider a budget. Add up what you’re willing to spend and add the cost of each project to your list. If you can only afford to start a few projects first that’s fine – it’s better than going into debt because that would be counter-productive. Go for projects where you will get the biggest bang for your buck, and there’s no doubt you’ll feel accomplished when it’s time to check off one task at a time on the list!

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