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Product Review – Wonder Soil Super Grass Seed

Last week, I was asked to try out and review Wonder Soil Super Grass Seed from Wonder Soil.  The dry seed mix expands when wet to easily cover the area.  The 1lb bag with cover 30sq feet, and the 100lb bag will cover 300sq feet.  The seed has a faster germination and is organically & mineral enriched.  I was sent a half pound bag of fescue seed.

Wonder Seed Super SeedThere are many bare patches in our yard, especially under the pear trees in the front.  I opted to try out the seed on a small patch in the courtyard.  That way I could ensure that it was getting enough water and keep a better eye on it.  The major issue I ran into was the dirt.  Here at my new house we have what is called black dirt.  When it gets wet, it’s worse than clay & and it’s difficult to dig in.  When it’s dry, it’s like concrete and its impossible dig in it.  To get the seed started, you need to be able to loosen the top layer of soil so that the seed can take root.  As you can imagine, that left me stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I managed to get a small bit churned up and put the seed down.  I watered it and waited for the seed to expand.  The seed mix looks like it’s in that coconut mulch stuff that expands a ton when it gets wet, and this just didn’t do a whole lot.  It been out there a few days now and so far it doesn’t appear to be doing much.  There is something that looks like a sprout, but it looks more like crab grass than fescue.

Overall, so far it seems to be doing ok.  I was expecting a lot more being that the germination time is so quick.  I will post a follow up in a week or so once it’s had a chance to sprout and grow some.  You can visit the Wonder Soil website to see what they have.

I received the above mentioned product for free for a review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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