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Great Bulk Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Family and Friends

Budgeting during the holidays can be hard, especially when there are multiple people to purchase gifts for. Stocking stuffers can become very expensive, especially when there are several stockings to complete. Instead of spending large amounts of money on these items, it is recommended to buy products in bulk.
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Cozy Winter Socks

Unfortunately, socks go missing very quickly. Whether the dryer eats them or a child leaves them at a friends house, having to purchase more socks is not a wonderful feeling. This makes socks an excellent stocking gift for everyone. Wholesale novelty socks allow an individual to buy several pairs of socks at one time. Whatever isn’t used for the upcoming holidays can be put back for future gifts easily. The savings on socks through wholesale is downright incredible.

Multi-pack Gift Cards

Gift cards are a popular stocking gift, but they can add up quickly. Instead of buying single gift cards in increments of $10 or more, try purchasing gift card multi-packs. They usually come in packages of three, with each card having anywhere from $5 to $15 loaded. The smaller $5 cards would be perfect for fast food or digital media credit (such as games and books).

Cell Phone Accessories

Who couldn’t use another phone charger, wall charger port, auxiliary cord, or set of headphones? All of these items can be ordered in bulk online. They might not be a “wow!” gift idea, but every recipient will be very happy to receive an emergency charger or spare set of headphones. They can be as cheap as $1 or less, versus the $15 that the recipient might pay in an emergency at a gas station.

Trial Lotions, Aftershave, or Chap Stick

Ordering bulk cases of small trial lotions, perfumes, aftershaves, or chap stick is another wonderful way to save money. Both men and women regularly use these items; especially chap stick and lotion during the cold winter weather. These are very practical gifts, much like the cell phone accessories are. While they may not be as suitable for children, they are perfect for adults who are hard to shop for.

The holidays can take a financial toll on an individual, especially if he or she isn’t shopping wisely. To curb holiday spending drastically, the consumer should buy practical gifts in bulk rather than small trinkets that are quite pricey.

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