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Ribbon Crafts for Mother’s Day or Everyday

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, Ribbonwhich means it’s time to put on your thinking cap to come up with a present that will melt her heart. There is nothing that your mom will love more than receiving homemade gifts from her precious children on Mother’s Day. For inspiration, here are lovely ribbon crafts that would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift or ideal presents for any occasion:

Sewing Jars

If your mom loves to sew, a set of sewing jars would be a fabulous gift. You can quickly make this gift with three clear mason jars with their covers, a black permanent marker, glue gun, cardboard, scissors and sewing supplies. Cut three small labels from the cardboard. Write the word “sewing” on each label. Glue a label on the center, front of each jar. Fill the jars with sewing supplies like buttons, needles, thread and rolls of grosgrain ribbon. Place the three jars in a long basket wrapped with a pink bow around it.

Butterfly Wreath

Does your mom love birds, butterflies and anything having to do with nature? Then she will be over the moon when you make her a butterfly wreath for Mother’s Day that she can proudly display on her front door. Glue and wrap a long piece of ribbon in your mom’s favorite color around a straw wreath. Sporadically glue silk butterflies and birds around the front of the wreath to give the illusion that they have gracefully landed on it.

Embellished Candles

Pamper your mom by giving her a heavenly scented candle that you turned into a one-of-a-kind piece of bling d├ęcor. You can simply tie a piece of thick jewel ribbon around the bottom of a tall pillar candle. It’s so easy to embellish candles with jewel ribbon, but it’ll look like you spent hours applying those rhinestones. You can also make your mom’s embellished candle extra special by choosing a jewel ribbon with rhinestones in the gemstone color that represents the month she was born.

Kitchen Utensils Wrapped With Love

Most moms love their time spent in the kitchen. Make her time in the kitchen more fun and personal with colorfully wrapped wooden utensils. Pick up a few wooden utensils from a department store. Wrap the bottom of each wooden utensil with a piece of grosgrain ribbon in coordinating colors. When you’re finished, get a wide piece of ribbon or fold over elastic and tie them together. Attach family recipes and a sweet note to the utensils to add a personal touch to your gift.

Framed Handprints

Any mom will cherish a framed picture of the handprint of her child. Trace your hand onto a piece of white card paper. Color or paint the hand, then write a message to your mom on it with a permanent marker. Put your handprint masterpiece in a frame that you decorated the four corners of with pretty bows. Wrap your picture in tissue paper and secure it closed with raffia ribbon. Attach a homemade card with a heartfelt message written inside of it to the package.

These affordable ribbon craft projects can be done in no time with the leftover grosgrain ribbon you have laying around your craft room. Whether you’re making your ribbon craft for your mom or someone else, whoever receives it will truly treasure and appreciate their homemade gift and the love and time you put into creating it.


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