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The Sinus Infection That Would Not DIE!!

So…it has been ongoing sinus infection madness over here.  My daughter is getting hit worst of all.  There is something in her school that is aggravating her sinuses and she been almost constantly sick since right after school started.   She’s been sick all weekend and I’m probably going to keep her home tomorrow.  I couldn’t get her in to she her doctor until Tuesday.  It’s looking like we are going to have to take her to a specialist to get something prescribed to her in order to keep it under control.  On top of that, I’m sick…sinuses too.  My husband is just getting over his acting up, but now he has to go to another store to help out through Christmas.  The store is over an hour away and he’s probably going to have to stay in a hotel during the work week.  He’s not overlay happy about it, but he’s hoping that he’ll get a promotion out of it.

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