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Preparing For a Fun Family Camping Trip

Grand Canyon North Rim Campground 0414When it comes to spending some quality time with the family, few things provide as much enjoyment and satisfaction as a camping trip. From pitching a tent to building a fire, let your children benefit from some invaluable life lessons that this type of getaway affords.

At the same time, the little scamps will also be able to appreciate the great outdoors and participate in a number of fun activities such as wildlife spotting, hiking through the forest and paddling in a canoe.

But to make the most of a family camping trip, here are a few tips on how to prepare and what you will need to bring.

Know before you go

By asking yourself the following questions, you will be much more prepared for your camping trip and less likely to forget any essential items either.

    • Location – Are you going to stay in a secluded forest or at a dedicated campsite with plenty of facilities?


  • Weather – What does the forecast say? Is it going to rain or be sunny? How cold will it be at night?



  • Food and drink – What are you going to eat? Will all your meals be cooked on the fire?



  • Activities – Do you think you will play many games and sports or will Mother Nature provide enough entertainment?



  • Emergencies – Do you have a first aid kit in case of emergencies or is there a medical facility nearby?




Packing checklist Campfire

Remembering to pack major pieces of equipment such as clothing, sleeping bags and a tent goes without saying, but here are some other things you might forget about.

  • Tools – Like a mallet for knocking in tent pegs and a pump for any airbeds.
  • Furniture – Fold-up chairs and tables will definitely come in handy.
  • Warmth – For added comfort pack some additional quilts and blankets.
  • Light and heat – This should include batteries for torches too.
  • Cooking and eating – Everything from pots and pans to washing up liquid and sponges.
  • Toiletries – Plenty of toilet tissue, insect repellent and sun lotion.
  • Survival gear – If you get lost, you will need a map and compass.

This might seem like a lot, but you will greatly appreciate packing for every eventuality when you’re actually in the wilderness. If you’re tight for space, roof boxes are easy to install on most cars and will give you ample amounts of extra room too.

What’s more, if you fully embrace what camping is all about, the whole family is bound to have a much better time.

Images by Grand Canyon NPS and smith_family used under Creative Commons License.

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