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Is Your Home Well Insulated?

The R11 attic insulationWhen most of us think about insulation, we think about the pink cotton candy looking stuff, right? Well, as usual, modern technology has allowed us to experience so much more and do so much more than we could in the past. Now, there are many different kinds of insulation you can put in your home to help with heat loss or heat gain. Most companies offer insulation that is water proof, anti-mold, anti-fungal, high-density and more.

Without proper insulation, your home may need bigger and more expensive heating and cooling devices to keep you comfortable. With larger devices comes harder work, which, in turn, will end up using more energy and costing more money. Let us think about a scenario where you will wish you had the proper insulation in your home. Think about your attic, how long has it been since the insulation was updated? Is it time for an attic renovation?

Missouri is experiencing a really bad snowstorm and you are trapped in your house with no way out for at least three days. Have you ever experienced that? It is not pleasant! You THINK you are prepared. You went to the grocery store and got the staple pantry items along with the ever-so-famous milk and bread, you have tons of bottled water, your weather radio, some plug-in heaters and lots of blankets.

Day one of the snowed-in situation goes smoothly. You survived and you are feeling good. However, on day two, the power goes out and you no longer have a working weather radio because your batteries died and you do not have any extras. Now you cannot hear the weather updates, so you have no idea whether the snow situation is about to get better or worse. This is not the worst thing in the world, but it would be nice to be informed! Anyway, since your power is out you cannot use your heaters. All you have left to keep you warm are your blankets. Blankets can only do so much when there is a snowstorm outside! You are now wishing (and realizing) that you had (and need) better insulation in your home. If you had the proper insulation, you would not lose heat as quickly and you would stay warmer longer.

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    Insulation Warehouse says:

    If your house haven’t been insulated yet, maybe its time for you to make a move and try to have a well insulated house. With this method, you will know how you can save money. Also, with this you’ll be able to save energy source on your house. Insulating your home in a budget isn’t a problem. Taking these tips will give you idea on how you can insulated your house properly.
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