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Informucate.com – A New Place for News

Informucate.comThere are thousands of news sites around these days.  They cover tons of news items, including local news, international news, entertainment, and politics worldwide.  With so much to choose from, it can get pretty tiring trying to shift through thousands of headlines on a single sight just to find one thing in particular.  However, there is a new site that is worth taking a look it.  It’s called Informucate.com, and it’s about to change the way you get your news.

Informucate.com posts only 12 stories each day.  Each story is a top headline for the day and hand selected by the editors.  The articles themselves are only about 200 words, and get right to the point of the story.  As an added bonus, they include explanations of jargon, concepts, and key terms next to the stories in plain sight in a box…giving you extra insight.  For example, they will tell you who each celebrity is on the daily ‘Celebrity News’ story, or explain out tech terms used in the ‘Tech Report’.  All of the articles cover various topics, like news, money, and tech.  There is also a ‘bad behavior’, which is unique to the site.  In addition to the news, they also have a section called Fast Facts Videos, which has videos presenting trivia & facts about a wide range of topics.

You can also choose between several site options.  Fully Loaded shows the article along with images & Bad Behavior - Informucate.comthe extra insight boxes.  Stripped Down is the articles only, with nothing else.  The final option is the Daily Newsletter, which will send you all 12 stories in newsletter format to your email.

I have been browsing around on the site and really like it.  All of the import stuff is right there in clear, easy to understand articles.  The trivia videos are also very interesting as well, and are worth going through once you read the news for the day.  You can visit them online today & start reading.

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