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Employer Gift Basket Ideas

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Ha…! Order at http://amzn.to/13r2ytjWhen you work for a company, you will have an employer over your department as well as over the entire business. There are times when you might want to give a gift to your employer, such as Christmas or a birthday, but you might not know what to give. There are a few items to include to make unique corporate gift baskets that are sure to put a smile on the face of your employer.

The basket should be of a size that will hold all of the items but not be too large. Add paper on the bottom of the basket to give a support for the items that are placed inside. You can put decorative shred at the front of the basket to act as an anchor for the items. Once you have the basket ready, you can start adding the treats that your employer might enjoy. One item that most people enjoy is coffee. There are various kinds of coffee to choose from, such as hazelnut and French vanilla. If your employer doesn’t drink coffee, consider hot chocolate or tea. You can add a few different small boxes instead of larger boxes that might not be used. Another idea is a mug with the initials of the employer or a picture of something he likes.

Cookies, pastries and wafers are good to add to a gift basket as well. You can create a basket with a theme, such as sports or a favorite movie. This should be reserved for a fun gift instead of something that is more serious, such as a retirement. Try to add items that blend well together. You don’t want to put a lot of cookies or sweet treats in a basket and add only a few pieces of fruit. Tickets are an item that can be added if your employer likes sports of concerts. Once you have the basic items in the basket, you can start adding the smaller items, like mints, pieces of candy and cards that might be enjoyed. Complete the basket by wrapping cellophane around it to keep everything in place and add a bow for decoration.

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