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Tips for Attic Renovation

With an attic renovation, you can add valuable space to your home. However, like most projects, there are several things to consider before beginning this tedious project. By following these tips, you can make your attic an enjoyable place to live.

Before purchasing your first piece of lumber, consider city codes and the safety of your home. In some towns, permits are required before renovating an attic space. While codes vary from town to town, most require that the ceiling be at least seven feet tall in half of the room. Once you ensure that the area passes any necessary codes,hire an engineer. The engineer can inspect your homes foundation making sure that it can handle the extra weight.

Now that your home as passed all inspections, the fun of remodeling can begin. Since the room will draw lots of heat, consider installing a ceiling fan. Not only will the ceiling fan give you a nice breeze during those hot summer months, but it can also draw heat into the space in the winter. If the budget allows, consider adding the attic space to your HVAC system.

Since the attic sits on top of other rooms in the house, the noise from crackling floors can be bothersome. To remedy this problem, start by replacing floor joists. Select joists that are thicker to absorb sound. Next, pack dense insulation into the bays. Adding carpeting or throw rugs will also cut down on foot traffic.

Once your remodel is complete, you will want to look at ways to use this limited space. Take advantage of all the nooks and cranny’s in your attic. These spaces are a great area to put shelves and other cabinets. Try to keep items away from the middle of the floor. This can make the space seem smaller. Most of all, have fun and enjoy your added space.

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