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Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!!

It has rained almost every day this month. Why won’t it stop?!?!?!?  We’ve been lucky to dodge some of the worse, more severe storms…though my husband had a very close call with a tornado last week while at work.  One came about 5 to 10 minutes from hitting his store.  He said everyone was freaking out and they had to evacuate the customers and lock the store down for over two hours.

The worst day so far this week was Monday.  In less than 15 minutes, my yard was partially underwater & the street was so flooded that you could not see the top of the curb or drive down it without stalling.  It’s crazy.  I’ve given up attempting to plant flowers & veggies.  At this rate, I should just start a rice patty.

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Today wasn’t so bad.  There was heavy rain overnight, and a light shower a little while ago.  And it was sunny & hot/muggy this afternoon.  The forecast says to expect rain through he weekend.  Joy (sarcasm).

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