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Guest Article – How to Get Your Teen Interested in Sports

If you have a teen who loves to hang out with friends, is doing great at school, and maybe even goes to a party or two (with your permission of course), but doesn’t want to try any sports, how do you get him or her interested? Of course as a parent it’s never a good idea to push because a willful teen will likely push back, but in order for a teen to learn where their interests lie in the future, they need to try a variety of activities. There are several ways to encourage your son or daughter in the right direction, and here are just a few for you to try:

Colleges Like Well Rounded Students

When it’s that time for your child to apply for colleges, most colleges will look for well rounded individuals. What does this mean for your teen? If they’ve been in a few societies, tried different sports, and volunteered, not only will it look incredible on their resume, but it will help your child learn what they do and don’t like. This will be especially helpful as they enter into a new period of their life where they’ll need to eventually decide what major they want to focus on which will ultimate lead to a certain type of degree.

Workout Apparel is Fun

Most teens love the idea of fitting in, and you have to admit its fun having team members wear performance apparel that looks professional. Personalized baseball jerseys and other sports apparel from Majestic Athletic can be customized so that each team member can have their own athletic wear that they can keep. Most teens like the idea of wearing trendy apparel, fitting in with their team, and if they discover that they love the sport long term, their performance apparel can we worn beyond the baseball or football field as well.

Make Long Lasting Friendships

When an adolescent is in high school, most of the time they will go through a period where all they want to do is fit in. Encouraging them to try a sport is not only good for their personal well being, but it also encourages them to make new friends as well. Even if they think a team is a certain way with certain types of students, they may surprise themselves and find themselves fitting in with a few team players. Have them think outside the box and try something new – you never know (and they’ll never know) how it may change their life for the better.

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