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Guest Article – Keep Calm and Carry On: Moms Managing Stress

As a mom, things can get pretty hectic around your home. We’ve got the kids to take care of, the house to maintain, work to do, and so much more. Maintaining all of those plus finding time to take care of ourselves can seem like an insurmountable task at times, and we are bound to get burnt out at one point or another. That is why it is of the utmost importance to take time for ourselves, whenever we can find the time to do so. We have to find some way to manage our stress and stop thinking about our stressors, if only for a little while.

Keep Calm With the Kids

Who ever said that being a mom isn’t a full-time job? It’s the original full-time job! We have the little ones who are dependent on us as parents to take care of them, feed them, make certain that they are dressed and off to school on time, etc. At that, they are only at school for a few hours out of the day, and then it’s snack time at home, and after that, you have to find the time to whip up dinner somewhere in between. It can get pretty crazy! If you find yourself in the middle of some busywork, try taking a few deep and calming breaths. While it may not seem like much, doing this whenever you can will actually help to reduce your stress level by quite a bit!

Housework Help

If you have little ones in your household, why not let them help out with some age-appropriate chores? Toddlers and young children love to feel included and help out where and whenever they can! This can work to your advantage, especially if you are stressing to get certain things done! Some age-appropriate chores to consider could be loading or emptying the dishwasher, drying your non-breakable dishes, cleaning their rooms, and more! Don’t stress about it, let them help out, and you’ll find that you’ll begin to feel a little less stressed out!

Stash Your Stuff

Every mom knows what it feels like to have too much “stuff.” It can feel overwhelming and even suffocating at times. That is why it is important to choose a few different times a year to take time with your family to go through the items in your house that you may not need any longer, or items that you can easily store. Storage units are a great idea to think about, because they allow you to still hold onto your precious items, without having to cramp up your home.

Remember to Relax

When it comes time that the kids head to bed, that is the time for you to really relax. After they have drifted off peacefully into dreamland, take that time and do something that you really want to do, whether that is a hobby you enjoy, a book you want to read, or even just sitting back and doing nothing at all. Those can be the best stress relievers that there are. Just make sure that you do something for yourself.

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