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Guest Article – Six Safety Basics to Teach Your Children

Six Safety Basics to Teach Your ChildrenOne of the biggest fears a parent has is finding out their child is in a dangerous situation. As much as a parent hopes their child will never find danger, it is a wise idea to teach your children the basics of safety. If an emergency situation arises, their knowledge of safety can protect them from harm.

Here are six basics to teach your children:

1. Home Security System
Installing a home security system can protect you and your family from unwanted intruders, fires, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Many parents fear that if they explain the purpose of the alarm they will scare their children. However, neglecting to talk to your children about its purpose can lead children to not be cautious enough if they hear the alarm sound. Of course, use your discretion about details based on your children’s’ ages.

If interested in a security system, check out homesecurity911.com/ to find the best deal and features that fit your family’s needs.

2. Stranger Danger
It is important for children to know the basics of stranger danger. Kids are perceptive, and they can usually tell when someone is untrustworthy. Teach them what types of behaviors are suspicious, and if they ever notice those behaviors in an adult, they should run away as quickly as possible.

Emphasize to your children that if they ever feel threatened or in a dangerous situation, they should try to find a police officer or someone in charge. However, stress that an adult should not ask your child for help, especially if their request requires your child to go somewhere with them. In this event, teach your children to say no and get away from them as quickly as possible.

3. Drop, Holler, Run
A good technique to teach children is the “drop, holler, run.” If a stranger tries to grab them or force them someplace, tell them to drop whatever they are carrying, scream as loudly as possible, and run away from the stranger.

4. Stop, Drop, Roll
When it comes to preparing your child for a fire situation, the first thing to advise them about it the “stop, drop, and roll” technique. If children do not know the basics of fire safety, they will usually hide someplace that makes it difficult for a fireman to find them. Teach them to stop, drop, and roll. Staying low to the ground will help to prevent smoke inhalation, and will place them in a position where a firefighter can find them.

5. Emergency Contact Information
Leave a list of emergency numbers in an area your children can find easily such as a kitchen drawer or attached to the fridge. The numbers should include, 911, family, close friends, and the police department.

6. Name, Address, and Phone Number
It’s important for children to know their full name, address, and phone number. If your child should ever have to dial 911, them knowing their full information can allow for the police or fire department to arrive onto the scene quicker.

Image Source: www.childrenandfamilymentalhealth.com

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  1. A great list. It’s so important to for your kids to know their address and phone number.
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