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Book Review – Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions by Aldo Fynn

Prince-Iggy-and-the-Tower-of-DecisionsPrince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions is the second book in the Prince Iggy series by Aldo Fynn. It’s aimed at 8 to 12 years olds. Since Iggy has escaped the Kingdom of Naysayer, he’s had several fun adventures while sailing toward the Rose Kingdom. However, after noticing a problem with the Rose Star, he and the crew blast off into space…leading to a most interesting development for Iggy. And that is only the start. Once arriving at the Rose Kingdom, he must go through the Tower of Decisions in order to take the throne back from Queen Victoria. If he doesn’t, he may never make it out of the tower alive.

Much like the first book, it’s full of lots of great tongue-in-cheek humor. I absolutely loved the introduction to Queen Victoria’s character. She’s out of touch with the kingdom, reality, and her nose…which falls off her face due to the sheer number of plastic surgeries she’s had. Iggy also learns some important lessons as well. Not everyone is perfect, so you are going to mess up sometimes. It’s part of growing and learning. You also don’t always realize what you have or how good you have it until you spend some time in someone shoes. Plus, it’s best to be yourself.

The artwork is also very good. In fact, the topper image for each picture is like a flip book. It shows the Lucky Rose 2 gradually towing the Rose Start out of the image.

Overall, it was every bit as enjoyable as the first. It was funny and imaginative, and great for pre-teen readers. It is available in both paperback and ebook on Amazon.
I received the above mentioned book for free to help facilitate my review.

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