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Guest Article – Seven Date Night Ideas for Families with Kids

Seven Date Night Ideas for Families with KidsAs much as parents love and adore their kids, it is important that parents keep the romance alive and spend time alone, even if only for a few hours. Families with children, especially first-time parents, can find they have little time, energy, or money to spend on a date night out.

So, here are seven date night ideas that are casual, fun, and inexpensive:

1. Movie Night In
Instead of going out, stay in. Movie theaters can be expensive and crowded, and sometimes the choices available are not worth the high-ticket price. Ask friends or family if they would be willing to take the kids for a couple of hours, and spend some quality time inside of your own home, kicking back on the couch with your loved one. Satellite TV and Internet provide you with plenty of movie choices, and for a few hours you can relax with your spouse.

2. Look at the Stars
Whether it’s on the roof of your own house or from a mountaintop, looking at the stars with your spouse is a great date night option. It’s romantic, relaxing, and provides the perfect opportunity to catch up on each other’s lives. With a house full of kids, it can be easy to forget to communicate with each other.

3. Breakfast in Bed
Because many weekday mornings are spent getting the kids ready for school, or getting ready for work, the weekends end up being the time to catch up on sleep. Take one Saturday a month to get up a little earlier, cook together, and spend the rest of the morning having breakfast in bed. Or, surprise the other one with breakfast in bed. The gesture and sentiment will be appreciated, for it’s thoughtful, romantic, and loving.

4. Memory Lane
Take an evening to spend reminiscing about your journey together as a couple. Relive your old memories and feelings of the first months and years of your relationship. Read old letters to each other and look back at pictures. Find a quiet area like a blanket in the backyard to recall all of the treasured memories that made you both fall in love.

5. Run Errands Together
Now this one might not sound terribly romantic, but it is a great way to be in each other’s world and spend time together. Whether it’s the grocery store or the hardware store, it’s time you can spend catching up.

6. Hiking
For those who enjoy the outdoors, hiking is a great daytime or nighttime date. Pack a picnic lunch or dinner and enjoy the views and alone time you have to talk with one another, relax with one another, and have fun with another.

7. Dessert Night
Instead of spending money on dinner and dessert, eat dinner with your kids and then go out for dessert. It’s something fun to do that costs a whole lot less than a full meal, and can be as simple as a cupcake from a bakery to fondue from a restaurant.

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